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When I'm sad I listen to flume I mean his songs are beautiful like nothing matters it's relaxing


i dont think flume is capable of proucing bad music, i love all of his stuff




Nobody makes music like him. No artist can make feelings that those tracks give me. Magician


listen to the album Visceral by Getter,and tell me what you think


This album is a masterpiece. At least for me :-)


This track is awesome. It seriously takes me back to when I was backpacking around Japan; weird because this song was made like 7 years after I went there! But I close my eyes and imagine just cruising around Tokyo at night in a car, the sound of this song loud on the stereo, it drowns out all surrounding sounds; becoming a great soundtrack to watch a stunningly visual city at night that is Tokyo. Imagine this song to this drive: (Youtube 'tokyo night drive')


Isso é muito bom!!!


If only people know what flume's songs make me feel


ever gantz I feel a certain way too

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