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Every time I hear a Flume song, I think, "This is it; he can't possibly top this. This is amazing". And then I hear another one of his songs and the cycle repeats. What a musical genius this man is; I have not been disappointed with any of his tracks. 


KipperTheArt i couldnt have said it any better!


KipperTheArt You just explained what everyone was thinking. IKR.


Neysa Clark hahahahha


My favorite way to listen to the flume is on a nice powder day skiing high on the mountains, it's like everything is in slo-mo and I'm one with nature!


Best musician ever

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This is bliss, motivation, strength, a cleared mind...happiness and optimism....all in one song. Good shit Flume.


I can't remember how I found Flume, but I'm glad as hell that I did


same here, god bless this music


via Luca Fersko

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