Missing Those Days
Gentleman Lyrics

the more tings change
is the more they remain the same
sorrow joy and pain
reality of life dis a no game

missing those days again
when we used to open hearts for friend
everything a change from now and then
but livity knows no end and we can't pretend
losing your spirit on your journey to desire
you no longer able to listen the angels choir
how you get so cold tell me where is your fire
from laughter joy and love you retire
we movin on in time on des ya life wire
but never lose your ground when you want get higher
take time look at the world you admire
now you ago find out that to yourself you are the greatest liar
and causin calamities and me friend it is a pitty
misunderstanding envy and jealosy
always finding me guilty
impossible to see
nothin a wrong with a likkle contreversy
you don't know where you from
so tell me where will you go
it takes more than memories for love to show
no man is an island des you fi know
like water over sand make we flow those

opportunity ina your palm
to cultivate the good and then keep it warm
but bless then more now we see that a gwaan
and yet we find it so contrary
it could be scary
communication fi reborn
yes we hafi keep the source of life goin on
eternal intention it hafi be calm
so me sing a song
deeper the density
another intensity
on my face you won't find a frown
in my heart i can feel it a pound
say you a listen but you nuh hear the sound

and you a spinnin like a merry go round
trust so priceless don't abuse it
define disgression and ways to use it
caution and careful not to refuse it
hold on to your love or you're about to lose it
the more tings change
is the more they remain the same
sorrow joy and pain
reality of life dis a no game
hey burnin flame
togetherness is surely no shame
one god and one aim
dis a di destiny that we supposed to claim

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Comments from YouTube:

Hattysanneh Juliano

I don't know why I love this kind hearted soul So much. I can't take him out of my mind 💚💚 from🇬🇲🇬🇲 zion man

john smith

Missing the days i felt ur love i wish i didnt feel this way


I like it <3

Patrice Ahmann

I need your help I love your music especially the old songs I hope you can send me a message much love Patrice

Lucie S

its ... good

Nico JP

missing Respond to yourself...

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