Cowboy Man
John Williams Lyrics

She wore glass slippers
She held her head up high
She had that sparkle at her feet
And that twinkle in her eye

She smiled at me
And as I wondered why
She said I'm looking for a cowboy
To take me for a ride
And he can rope me on the prairie
And he can ride me on the plain
And I will be his Cinderella
If he'll be my cowboy man

She said I've got a forty-gallon stetson hat
With a thirty eight-foot brim
We could dance around the outside baby
'Til we both fall in

And you can rope me on the prairie
And you can ride me on the plain
And I will be your Cinderella
If you'll be my cowboy man

Now I ain't never been no cowboy
But heaven knows I try
Cause I'll be riding tall in my saddle
With that Cinderella by my side

And I can rope her on the prairie
And I can ride her on the plain
And she will be me my Cinderella
If I'll be her cowboy man

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Heloy Ribeiro

Nothing is more rewarding than living life,
with the certainty that we do good, at all times.
The beauty of life is not in the great achievements.
But in the intensity of the little moments.
Intelligence is the beacon that guides us,
but it is the will that makes us walk ...

Life is a journey, a telling of a story,
The living of a soul, we are born and gradually we meet.
Between falls and conquests, we learn to follow.
The main purpose of life should not be perfection,
but try to make it meaningful, and make us happy ...

The value of things is not how long they last,
but in the intensity with which they happen.
So there are unforgettable moments,
inexplicable things and incomparable people ...

Show! ... Good Times. An Excellent Video and Beautiful Music.
A Beautiful Edition. Congratulations. A Beautiful Post. Thanks! ...
Great Saturday and a Beautiful Weekend ...

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Darth Salsa Pants

I feel sadness, but beauty all at the same time.

Yeyo Azucar

Me too 😖


For real. So melancholy.😩😁😩😁😩😁

Jim Gleeson

Emotions of musical appreciation.

Immacolata Esposito



It's the happy/sad 'trick' which all the best 60s composers - Barry, Bacharach, Morricone, Wilson, Walker etc. - had weird access to.

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Mikey Mattioni

114 dislikes.. Equals 114 people with no taste in music or tone deaf


Some folks rebel as though sorrow is an illness and will go to lengths to deny it. If a song evokes that feeling, they will treat it with disrespect.

jorge ariel ortiz

Or, they are stupids!

Robin King

10k to 189 landslide Id call it

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