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Comments from YouTube:

Eric Aska

I thought Angular do the job of Unsubscribing :O. I have to implement ngOnDestroy ASAP

Gabriel Mayta

Wow Amazing. Great talk. I will play with Angular Ivy in these days.

Eliran Eliassy

Thank you :)

Tomek Czajka

Great talk. Can you please provide the name of the extension for VS Code which allowed you to type theta which was then automaticaly replaced to the greek symbol? θ

Rodolfo Nogueira

Very informative!!

Nikhil Hukkerikar

I looked at the demo code from git and it seems somethings missing if I revive the timer and destroy the component the leak is still present even with the HOC there... I'm still seeing multiple console outputs...

Eliran Eliassy

Hi Nikhil, send me an email or twitter DM. I'll help you find the problem.


In demo 3, I don't think "passing a BehaviorSubject into a '@Input' " is a proper practice (aka bad), it leads the child component also able to do something like `` to push anything into the BehaviorSubject to mutate state.
At least, passing `behaviorSubject.asObservable()` to Input or better way that passing the real 'number' via `[data]="numbers$ | push"`.

Ral Oliver

19:33 example of memory leak

Eric Aska

I think this idea came from React which is awesome

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