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Rendezvous With the Ship 2
Kenta Nagata Hajime Wakai Toru Minegishi Koji Kondo Lyrics

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Gustaf Felipe

King of Red Lions
...He who obtained the power of the gods, attempted to cover the land in darkness and was ultimately sealed away by the very power he hoped to command.
He is the very same Ganon... The emperor of the dark realm the ancient legends speak of...
I do not know why the seal of the gods has failed, but now that Ganon has returned, the world is once again being threatened by his evil magic.
Tell me, Link... Do you still wish to save your sister from him?
And will you do anything to save her?
...I see. In that case, I shall guide you as we go forward...advising you on what you should do, and where you must go. Ganon cannot be defeated by human hands, let alone by what little strength you possess.
The key to defeating Ganon is locked away in a great power that you could wield after much toil and hardship. Do you understand?
In that case, we depart! To the Great Sea! ...Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself.

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