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Reality Checkpoint
Logistics Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Logistics:

2999 Ramblin' around your city Ramblin' around your town I never …
Machine If you don't hurt me then I won't hurt you. I'm…
Seasons I wonder where this feeling came from, I don't think I've…
The Trip Let me take you on a trip A journey full of…
Thunderchild What's that flare? See it? Green flare coming from Mars, Mar…
Together Together Together Together Together Together Togeth…
Winter Blues Storm clouds over my head Is just weep in my lonely…

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Comments from YouTube:


The more I've listened to this track, the more I've come to appreciate how well-produced it is. Everything's level, nothing clashes, and there's always something interesting going on at any given moment. As soon as one element drops out, another one takes its place. It keeps your ear occupied without you even realising it.

Anton 'Molen' Koev

logistics never dissapoints!

Anthony Rodriguez

This is such a Gem. I'm glad I found this. 


Amazing track and great choice of name!

R Jones

I love this track. I am a Dad/Husband in my 40s who’s been a bass kid since I was a kid. This song reminds me of pounding out miles at crazy hours of the morning driving from Texas to Disney hopped up on Red Bull’s. We do it 4 or 5 times a year. Hey we all get old but doesn’t mean we have to listen to crap.

Manuel Delgado

7 years! Wow, i really like this Hospital classics uploads, when i started to listen to dnb was in 2005, and Logistics was one of the first producers that i heard! His sound never gets old :D

Forestgreen Records

When I was around 14 really interested in drum and bass music I have been to an international camp with a hungarian delegation in Derbyshire England with around 400 other kids like me plusminus 5 years in age with no serious daily activities just workshops hangin around talkin with new people real good shit like sleeping in tents and secret drum and bass parties in the forest after youngsters went asleep.. basically everything was solarpowered too and the camp had a really positive vibe!.. so the story begins there my dear when once we went out to a local city and I bought an iPod4g (not touch) but it was empty ofcourse so I asked a dj guy in this camp to share his wisdom of sound with me and gave me this album too.. since then I still have my loyalty to this track so thanks mate


soo many memories...i love it ! : )

Simón D.

awesome track!

Márcio lake New

Classic muito bom very good alexandre dj rio brasil

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