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@Aditya Shinde

he wanders through narrow alleys, lined with ancient beige buildings and adorned with curlicues on the balustrades of wrought-iron balconies. the air around him was filled with the honks of cars, the smell of cigarette smoke and chanel no 5, and the spraying rain. his polished shoes were rainproof, but, honestly, he would not have taken notice if his feet squeaked.
however, the storm in his head was much more turbulent than the one that blew through those grey alleys. memories of a long-derelict attic, littered with loose parchments, books with leather-clad covers, desiccated inkwells and broken quills overlapped with the itch in his long, beringed fingers, provoked by images of that same attic, but a few decades prior. a girl in a ruffled blouse and a long skirt sitting at the small bureau, her fingers and cuffs stained with sepia ink, as she wrote on those parchments, drank tea, straightened her collar, read a tattered book, all those ideas flooded his mind and begged to be formed to words. metaphors, phrases, philosophic inflections, as well as confessions of love, shy kisses beneath the stars, an old drapery shop with rain pattering on the windows formed to a whirlwind in his head.
and so, the black curls peeking out beneath his black beret were starting to drip down his neck, his round glasses were sprinkled with tiny raindrops and his brown coat was slowly getting soaked. the slipover he wore underneath was getting damper by the second, but he was at another place; sitting in a carriage, kissing a beautiful stranger's hand on a masquerade, writing a letter at another small bureau.
his feet carried him through historic potholed alleys, filling up with puddles of rain, to a decrepit station, he did not realise having bought a ticket and walking up to a rail.
now, he was sat at an aged wood table beneath a flickering light on a swaying train, his hand having autonomously scribbled down a page worth of idealist notions that had been pleading to come out and form to words.
at a sudden pacification of the whirlwind in his mind, he was ripped back to another reality. his stomach dropped in shock as his eyes focused on what was right before him; a girl in a ruffled blouse, a cup of tea on the table, a blotchy, tattered leather-clad book in her delicate beringed fingers.
and after precisely 17 minutes and 12 seconds, his hand fell slack, and two dreamers were united as their shy eyes met in a sleazy train carriage.

[hii thank you so much for your feedback, i'd never even thought anyone would read my brain vomit! i hope my lame part 2 lives up to your expectations :)]

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Dana Müller

I was driving in my car when this came up on the radio. That was the most dramatic car ride of my life.

Daniela Falcone

Its also beautiful....




All that I get on the radio is Ed Sheeran...I need to tune it.

Imperial Histati

Heard this on tik tok bro



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I am so thankful to live in a universe where this masterpiece exists.


@The Butterfly Effect Co ,

Andrew McDonald


The Butterfly Effect Co

love you mama ❤

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