I'm Getting Better
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Okay, okay, I'll try

Overall Meaning

The song "I'm Getting Closer" by M83 explores the concept of self-discovery and personal growth. The lyrics suggest a shift in the singer's mindset as they reflect on their life journey and the realization that their problems and struggles are a part of what makes them who they are. The repetition of the line "I'm getting closer" throughout the song is symbolic of the singer's realization that every experience they have gone through, both good and bad, has brought them closer to understanding themselves and their place in the world.

The line "All these years, I've been lost in foreign lands" suggests that the singer has spent most of their life feeling disconnected and unsure of their true identity. They have been searching for meaning and purpose but have struggled to find it. However, through their struggles, they have gained a better understanding of themselves and their place in the world. The lyrics also touch on the idea that personal growth requires facing one's fears, as the singer admits to being scared and uncertain about what the future holds.

Overall, "I'm Getting Closer" is an introspective song that encourages listeners to keep pushing forward and embrace the challenges and experiences that come their way. It is a reminder that every moment, whether positive or negative, is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

Line by Line Meaning

I'm getting closer to the end of the line
I am approaching the end of the path I have been following

I'm running out of time, I'm running out of life
I feel as though I am sacrificing my time and my life to reach my goal

And if you wanted something more, well then I'm sorry
If there was something more you were hoping for in this journey, I apologize for not being able to provide it

I'm just trying to find myself, I'm searching deep inside
I am attempting to discover who I truly am by introspecting deeply

Yeah, I wanna be somebody else, but still, be me at the same time
I wish to become a different version of myself while still retaining my unique identity

And I'm hoping that I'll find it, I'm hoping that I'll see
I have faith that I will eventually discover what I am looking for, and that it will become clear to me

'Cause the world is overtaking me, and I'm getting closer
The fast-paced and rapidly changing world around me is catching up to me, making me feel as though I am getting closer to my destination

The world is overtaking me, it's taking me away
The world is moving forward so quickly that I feel as though I am being pulled away from where I need to be

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M83 Invented Trap music


this was an awesome movie.
i guess Anthony is a fan aswell


What movie


Paul Buffalo 66


Paul . this is part of the movie only its played backwards.
the movie is with Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci's fine ass.
is a indie film but i liked it , is a little weird thought, hope you like it


Paul did you get the nsme of the movie ? in case you didn't is buffalo 66 . this is my second reply cause you didn't answer.


Oh yeah, thanks so much Maria. Sorry. Didn't know I needed to acknowledge. I'm aware of the film Buffalo 66. But, I don't believe I've ever watched it. I'll watch it. Thanks again!

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nice trap hi-hats.


"Hello, agent Cooper. I'll see you again in 25 years. Meanwhile."


My favorite song by m83

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