My Tears Are Becoming a Sea
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I'm slowly drifting to you
The stars and planets are calling me
A billion years away
From you
I'm on my way
I'm on
I'm on

Overall Meaning

The opening lines of M83's "My Tears Are Becoming a Sea" convey a sense of longing and yearning, as the singer expresses a desire to be united with their loved one. The use of the metaphor of "drifting" suggests a certain lack of control or agency in the situation, as if the singer is being pulled inexorably towards their beloved by forces beyond their understanding. The reference to the stars and planets "calling" to the singer suggests a cosmic or mystical element to the song's theme, as if the singer's desire is part of a universal or divine plan. The repetition of the phrase "I'm on" creates a sense of momentum and purpose, as if the singer is determined to reach their destination no matter the obstacles in their way.

Throughout the song, the singer's emotions are expressed through a combination of ethereal and ambient sounds, with the electronic instrumentation creating a dreamlike or otherworldly atmosphere. The juxtaposition of the singer's intense emotions with the cosmic scale of the universe points to a tension between the personal and the universal, as if the singer's longing is both intensely personal and part of a grander, more mysterious cosmic order. Ultimately, the song suggests that the human heart is both fragile and resilient, subject to powerful forces beyond our control yet capable of transcending even the vast distances of time and space.

Line by Line Meaning

I'm slowly drifting to you
I'm gradually moving towards you, like a boat drifting towards the shore.

The stars and planets are calling me
The celestial bodies are beckoning me towards you, like a cosmic force driving me towards you.

A billion years away
In terms of cosmic time, we have been separated for an immeasurably long time.

From you
Despite being so far apart, my heart is still drawn to you.

I'm on my way
I'm actively making my way towards you, even if it may take a long time.

I'm on
The journey towards you has begun, and I am determined to see it through to the end.

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Written by: Justin Medal-Johnson, Anthony Gonzalez

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Not many people know that. M83 stands for Messier 83, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Hydra. M83 Group, a group of galaxies centered around Messier 83. When you know this fact then M83 music and videos make even more sense. I can’t stop thinking about universe, space and stars every time I hear M83 music. Its like you floating in space.


agreed. we are so very small. very big.


I love M83's songs, I couldn't resist remixing one of them ❤️


So, THAT'S why I can't stop thinking about Star Wars whenever I hear this song! 😮

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