Use Your Head
Mary Wells Lyrics

Oh oh boy, oh oh boy
Don't let him sway you away from me
Don't let him say bad things about me
Don't let him tell you that I'm no good for you, oh no boy
He's only tryin' to break us up, tryin' to make you mad
He's about to make you lose the best love you've ever had
Oh oh boy, use your head, oh oh boy

Listen to your heart & not his words
I knew from the start that he was against us
Please don't think that I've been untrue to you, oh no boy
Although he treats you nice & claims to be your friend
He's always askin' me if he can call me now & then
Oh oh boy, use your head, oh oh boy


I tell that you must have faith in me
Give me your trust & I'll never betray you
But don't let him say I'm not the girl for you, oh no boy
He's only jealous, can't you read between the lines?
Every time you turn your back he's tryin' to break your time
Oh oh boy, use your head, oh oh boy, use your head
Don't let him say bad things about me
Tell him you're no good without me
Come on, use your head

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Mary Wells. My teenage musical Idol. I loved this lady's skills. Saw her at our theater back in the day. Such a tragic end. She WAS the best.

Tony Russi

NOBODY can ever be as great as MARY WELLS!!SHE is the BEST in Rock & Soul History!

metrogoldwyn mccormick

R.I.P Mary.You've earned those wings!

tracey w

I like My Guy, but I like Use Your Head better. Both are great songs!

Spirit Angelfish

I really like the music she made after she left Motown, interesting ly. I had a boyfriend back in the day that I always told me that he loved Mary Wells music after she left Motown and I would say what music did she make after she left Motown? Because I never heard it now, thanks to you too we can ReDiscover these lost gems! Although I must say, that this particular song is sort of like a song trying to sound like a Motown song. But never never leave me and dear-lover are my two favorite Mary Wells songs honey!

Supa Kent

I really loved her music after Motown and have all her albums. She had a ton great songs but I guess she was just blackballed. Sad!!!


Wonderful :)

belisario guerra

Original: Mary Wells ( U.S. ) - Use your head ( 12/1964 ). Cover: Maite - Nous comme on s'aime ( 1965 ).

Wxsa Wxsa

LOVE THIS GROVE IN 2021 WXSA fm hd1 oldies texas


Great voice, should have stayed at Motown. Got lured to 20th Century .......Result not much airplay, no more big hits. Shame really

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