The Pan Piper
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Vaden Bovell

Black lightning anyone


@MrGorsuch Well...Miles was always in tune with new developments in vernacular music, especially among black people. His electric albums in the late 60s and 70s were an interpretation of the funk and rock music of Hendrix and Sly Stone to name a few. So you're kidding yourself if you don't think he would have explored rap in his music. In fact, his final album in 1991 had rappers performing on it!

Naser Dean

damn , i close my eyez and i see heaven

Gabriela Martins

It sounds like magic


Give me soms ice cold beer and i can listen the whole album, whole day long. 
See, u guys on the other side :) 

Joe Rogan Official

Famous last words

Stephanie Stephens

infinite liking


Listen to Shabazz Palaces...

Sub Par Golf

@MrGorsuch im not sure why you're comparing miles to rap beats/artists, completely irrelevant. there is much rap that is timeless, you are speaking on something you dont understand. I respect miles as much as the next jazz fan, but you sir should not talk about things you dont understand.

Manuel R Crespo

Basada en "Alborada de Vigo"

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