Fist Full
Opio Lyrics

(feat. A+)

Pull over to the right I hear them sirens blarin
50 flyin down the avenue like the Red Baron
Chasin after cousin in the white Xterra
He crashed into a semi, that jacknifed when he veered left
It appears the grim reaper at his doorstep
Then he looked me dead in my eyes and said "you're next"
Musta cut like a scalpel and forceps
The smell of brimstone in the air it was a warning

Never speak at a sucker with a weak bladder
Like they ain't even real, I see past them weak bastards
Run for cover police blastin
Homies had to carry you out like he's had it
Soft as bean salad, like you havin lunch
With Michael Jackson up in his psycho mansion
When the bible spin I'm fin' to begin, my final action
Then I find woman willin to sin, for my attraction
We the live brothers livin to win, we flyin past 'em
I'm Adam, first man, chillin with my fly madam

O-P-I-O, I see the psychopath
Actin black to anglo-saxon, we read 'em like Maxim

[Chorus: x2]
(Keep your eyes pealed) keep your boots laced
(Keep your mouth shut) fake niggaz keep a new face
(Keep your fingers crossed) keep the pot boilin
(Keep the ball rollin) Hiero crew, yeah

I'm comin like a cup of dreal[?]
I drop a C-note on the crap table, hit the hard ace
So easily you weak as a parakeet, knees in you petty
Smoke blowin like confetti, knock 'em out like Freddie Foxxx
It's the green leaf, potent like Puerto Rican pussy
Can't go more than a week, it might push me to the edge
Give me the brownie, or the cookie
Now the space dank, I'm no rookie
I got the seed in my fingernails and my follicles
Forensic science, like the finest desert weed heads
But I need bread, more head, it's triangulation
My favorite station KHRO
We made our dough, independently, fuck the industry
We bang tremendously, slangin on the internet
We quick with the tongue like Felix Trinidad, with the knuckle sandwich
Why pick up a gun, just use your damn fists (like this)

[Chorus 1/2]

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