Opio Lyrics

"One of the world's most profitable businesses, is illegal drugs.
Estimated sales are somewhere between five hundred billion dollars
And one trillion dollars, EACH YEAR. That's double the global
Sales of pharmaceuticals. If you're thinking to yourself as you listen -"

[Chorus x2: Opio]
She's my type, her right there
I don't care, she's my favorite
Does her own thing, fit for a king
For the blood in her veins I could share my last name with her

There she go right there, that's Roxanna
Always on my mind, she knows when ta
Other chicks would say, I can't stand her
Jea-lous ones en-vy, they wish they was
Oh she captivates, plus she's headstrong
She will pull your card, so watch what you say
When she move down the block, you'd think it's "The Girl from Ipanema"
Brazilian bombshell, keep a forty-fever heater
In the passenger seat of her Beamer
The gangsta lean is not a theater act, she sniff cocallina
Off the triple beam, oh you didn't know she slang big kilos
If she was Corleone, she'd be Vito
She got clout, pull strings like Santana
"Black Magic Woman," drug-traffickin all through the Bay
She's a killer Cali to the big manzana
She don't give a fuck, she'll squeeze and let 'em all have it

[Chorus 1/2]

That's uh, gangstress shit, move weight from here to Anchorage
Speak three languages, she dangerous
Manipulate your mind with crime 'til you pop cannons
Have you thinkin Bonnie & Clyde and then she smooth vanish
I am not an amateur, I seen the whole planet or world
Tours and romance, grown women with pure mouthpiece
I never doubt, see I never underestimate
I keep an open mind and I seen shit that shine
But if life is like a movie script, she kept an uzi with a full clip
At the age of 13, fuckin with kingpins
See I'm not impressed by material things
But she's clearly a queen, so I'm here to explain
I need a chick with, drive and tenacity that has to be
Financially secure for our paths to meet, actually
(what) she's all of the above, don't be all in the club
But her fault is that she in love with drug money
Now she'll rub me funny, really couldn't fuck with honey
Picture us rollin, soldiers start dumpin on me?!
I'ma chill on that cause niggaz'll kill for that
But she's still phenomenal, mahogany brown


"Now explain to me how a drug cartel is organized.
Who makes decisions, how do you become a member."

"Well, you don't go to the yellow pages and look for cartels - employment."

(Roxannnnnnnnna) That's Roxanna

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