White Man
Queen Lyrics

I'm a simple man
With a simple name
From this soil my people came
In this soil remain
Oh yeah, oh yeah

We made us our shoes
We trod soft on the land
But the immigrant built roads
On our blood and sand
Oh yeah, oh yeah

White man, White man
Don't you see the light behind your blackened skies
White man, White man
You took away the sight to blind my simple eyes
White man, White man
Where you gonna hide
From the hell you've made ?

Oh the Red man knows war
With his hands and his knives
On the bible you swore
Fought your battle with lies
Oh yeah

Leave my body in shame
Leave my soul in disgrace
But by every God's name
Say your prayers for your race
Oh yeah

White man, White man
Our country was green and all our rivers wide
White man, White man
You came with a gun and soon our children died
White man, White man
Don't you give a light for the blood you've shed
Oooh yeah

Oh White man, White man (White man)
White man, White man
Fought your battle with lies, yeah
White man, White man - but weren't too civilized yeah
White man, White man
Take a look around
Every skin and bone

What is left of your dream ?
Just the words on your stone
A man who learned how to teach
Then forgot how to learn
Oh yeah

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debora useinovski

queens writing styles (in my opinion)
fred: usually more lovey-dovey, occasionally some rock and some other soft songs. he was definitely the greatest singer to ever walk the earth, and still is! and most likely the greatest song writer aswell, considering he wrote the greatest song ever, Bohemian Rhapsody, or other songs like Somebody To Love, Killer Queen, The Millionaire Waltz, and Dont Stop Me now, truly a legend <3

bri: its a mix between softer and rock songs, like white man seems a like a mix between the both, kinda. or something like all dead is much softer, and sadder. but something like brighton rock has a heavy riff and all that stuff, yknow? really good songs!

deaky: really cute, energetic and friendly/lovey-dovey songs. truly the purest one out of the four members. songs like you and i, who needs you, spread your wings, youre my best friend, or even one year of love! amazing songs <3

rog: his songs are more rock-ish, kinda like brians, no? stuff like IILWMC, sheer heart attack, drowse, fight from the inside or tenement funster all have that rock feel-y kinda thing. considering he has more of a raspy voice, hes definitely more fitted for the rock type of theme.

but, overall theyre all EXTREMELY talented singers and song writers, and probably the best band in the world <3

edit: i kinda guessed some of them for rogers songs, cause i dont listen to that many of rogers song besides iilwmc, radio gaga and sheer heart attack, sorry if i got them wrong haha <3

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a man who learned how to teach, then forgot how to learn. Well said Brian.

Anthony Lesley

Especially in 2020

Irena Milivojevic

“i’m a simple man, with a simple name”


Funny thing is that Roger once wrote Freddie’s name “Freddy” in a fan letter


Freddy, Fredi, Fredy, Fredie...it really gets on my nerves


Um, Brian May wrote the song, so kinda missing the point guys.

can we get 0 subscribers with content

It was written by Brian

Comrade Abby

@Ken Cheek no he didnt

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Who else is going through all 15 Queen albums right now?

Ban Delay

If by "right now" you mean the last 35 years nonstop, yep, that's what I'm doing.

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