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Rocom Make Her Say
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Make It I'm gonna make it as long as I base it…

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I actually like that tale; it reminds me of how I was back in school. One of the girls in my class was pretty much Saki in all but name : she was cute, smiling all the time and every guy in my class wanted to go out with her. But I didn't really bother to give her attention; I was kind in a down point at the time where I didn't care about anyone in my class and just focused on my studies. And her acting all cute while knowing she was popular was kind of grating, to be honest.

The school organized dances every so often and one time, I was basically forced to go by my dad. Thing is, I didn't know how to dance so I figured I'd just sit and wait an hour or two before heading back home and just say I had fun (even though I didn't).

During the evening, that girl came over and asked if I wanted to dance. I told her that I wasn't interested so she walked away. About 5 minutes later, another girl came over asking why I turned down the Saki-like girl's invitation to dance with her. To be fair, I never understood that she meant "to dance with her" and just thought she had meant just dancing in general. The girl told me the Saki-like girl was all disappointed and asked me if I didn't like her or find her pretty.

I pretty much answered that "I didn't find her pretty in the way she thought she was" and left it at that.

Pretty sure she was just taking pity on the guy sitting by his lonesome when everyone was dancing... or just acting out as the one to make a move to appear like the caring one but much like the protagonist, I found her to be shallow and annoying. We never were outwardly friendly to one another, even when I got out of my slump and depending on the moment and occasion, she might've been a bit morally supportive or distant over the years from grade school to high school. I never did expect anything out of her though so if at any point she had any genuine interest in me, it flew right over my head.

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stephen rose

I like the fact that even though he rejected her for not trusting her, she just gave him time to trust her and kept at it. Although it might have happened quicker if she told him why she liked him at the start.


He caved in like an hour

Juggernut 141

Dont show her anyting be lone wolf that is chad that all


@Symon Choveaux Amen Symon

Malcolm Andrews

He pointed out her bad behavior, like a man should when encountering a woman like Saki, and he knows how to trust his gut like he did with her.

parsa jafari

چس ناله؟

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2:07 “Saki was good at noticing small things. That was one of the many reasons that the guys were always all over her” had me crying 🤣🤣🤣

koichi hirose

Finally got it😭

Harry :D


BPRC Gaming

@LeKirbGames1 true you have a point lol

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