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Juan V

The most nostalgic one minute and half ever.

Michael Farmer

If they had never recorded another piece of music, this minute and twenty-four seconds would secure their place in the Pantheon of Music. What great guys. How lucky we were to have known them.

Peter Reed



Still getting tears into my eyes when I hear the last part of this song. I was much affected by life when I was on the age of 18 years old en I inmediately understood this song. I took a piece of paper and wrote the text down on a piece of paper. I hung in unto the wall of my sleepingroom opposite of my bed and each day I looked at this poem. "Preserve your memories; they`re all that`s left you" . "That`s all I`ve got to tell you: that`s all I`ve got to say"Art Garfunkel on the song from the last Unicorn. Next month I will reach the age of 62 years but I`ve never forgotten this song: always kept in my mind. 

Raymond Dossenback

An unforgettable piece.


+Summer Summer You got alot of time ahead of you like me, so make sure you build memories where you can look back later in your life and see that life can be indeed beautiful. When you're much older, think about this: What do you truly have right now and that's left you? Your memories, so preserve them nobody can take that from you. That's the message of this song. This convo just inspires me, weird how one song can have such an impact.


@ShabazZiii Bam I like your answer so very much: indeed nowadays I am more than 63 years old. I was from the first generation of Simon and Garfunkel lovers during the sixties in the past century. I am so glad to see that the young people like you are also discovering these Paul Simon`s songs like you do! Paul Simon was the singer/songwriter of this dfuo and they were together from the beginning of the sixties in order to split up after their last LP "Bridge over Troubled Water". After that album they never made an album together anymore. Paul Simon has been very succesful during his solo career; Art Garfunkel did not have as much successs as Paul Simon had an still has. My favorite songs for nowadays are two songs of Paul Simon he already wrote down during the beginning of the seventies. I have to go to my bed now so I will give you the titles of both songs> "American Tune" still timeless in these years and "Slip Slidin`Away". And please do not forget the Simon and Garfunkel song "America". So talked enough to you: english is my second mother`s tongue and i am able to type very fast! If you will have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind rergards and maybe we`ll meet again! Kind regards from Corry: that is my real name and I live in Holland!


+Marianne And what's funny is I discovered this only a few days back which just shows already how beautiful this song is to me. I'm 19 so I'm now in the same place as you are when you were 18 and discovered this. I will probably write this down myself and hang it beside my bed. When I'm 62 like you I'll look back tl this moment and reflect back on how much this song has carried me through my life.


+Marianne This has to be one of my favorite songs ever, even if it's just a minute long it fullfills and exceeds beyond anything its beauty. The melody, the lyrics, the emotions, it's perfect in any way, I can't even describe how this song makes me feel I feel so many emotions at once, I feel peaceful, nostalgic, melancholic, idk what else. I think... If I would die I wanna listen to this song as I take my last breath.

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I want this song to open my memorial service......always thought it was one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard......

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