Holier Than Thou
Tech N9ne Lyrics

We been doing this for a long long time now...
This music thing... and touring, y'know...
And still... I ain't met one person that could maintain righteousness
Know what I'm sayin'

A wise man told me evil was lurkin' and if you found it
Try your best to not put yourself around it
'Cuz when you in it you tend to push it to the limit but
Then when the sin beginnin' you wish you would stay grounded
I went all over the world and I done been through it
At the beginning I knew I wouldn't give in to it
But temptation over the sensation
Women I'm embracin', so many of them waitin'
Contemplatin' how to get fornication
At yo door when its late with the motivation of Satan
So they say, but things go they way
But its more then pay told her hey yo the phase for today
But lust it sets in, and crush your chest in
For dust your destined, if drugs are let in
Enough to nest in, probably make you punch your best friend
And next kin 'cuz you let s-e-x win
You mean to tell me you can fight this land
With brightness and walk the path of the righteous man?
Yo, I want to believe that, itching to see that
If a positive person can shake the negative feedback
That this life has to offer what its faster
What a disaster if you didn't obey the master
'Cuz that's mutiny, it would be new to me
If you was on tour with Tecca Nina and still you could be

(Holy, holy) If you lived in another world would you
(Know me, know me) I know you be strong, but you been gone a
(While) I know you still my
(Child) So I'm pullin' for you
(Don't you owe me) Your soul and if you know it wont
(Show me, show me) You can see me if you look above the
(Clouds) You're Holier than
(Thou) So I say it for you

How can I move the crowd without losin' out of my faith?
Lucifer out of the way (way)
Or maybe he don't even exist
I ain't gotta trip off
Gettin' hookers out of my system (get you out of my system)
See that's how he tricks em
Get em' sippin', then a big ol' mickey he slips them (I wonder why)
Music soothes the savage soul
People could lose or win, but lack control
Wish we could choose to live and fast the soul
We smashin' women then bypass the soul
They believin' everything we breathe in
Half of us is Jesus, the other half is heathen
And how we get that bad half out?
We pray the lord would cast that out
Hope you got blessins let them pass that out
When we travelin' and pass that route
Keep us under their grace is the place where we had that doubt
Where I stand, its pointin' at me, but its with my hand
I need you, you holier than I am, I am


This verse was intended for a gospel rapper that we all admire
And he goes by the name of Da T.R.U.T.H.
All we wanted was a righteous man to lead us in the right direction
And maybe if he came we could change and regroup
So we laid it down and sent it hopin' we would rap wit us, track splittas
Waited, and none of his people got back wit us
We kept callin' and they finally answered, when a month passed
We was prepared to do whatever, give it if he wants cash
But the lady who represent em would never send 'em a message from a secular messenger
Never be no nepotism, we supposed to be brothers, on the road to teach others
But the flow would be covered, don't wanna mess with Tech they know that we smothered
Anybody who diss us, retire they weak flow
'Cuz this is the pinnacle, nobody flyer than me, bro
If you didn't like it then I admire the ego,
And if they never told ya, then you better fire ya people
'Cause fallen angels came for your help and then she pushed 'em
But Christians be the first to run they mouth about Muslims
But they always helpin' in the hood, but y'all closed me out
Y'all didn't even really wanna know what we bout
And we Bombay, trippin' on this on the don spay
And I had to spit on in 'cuz I couldn't afford Kanye
I needed help, your people showed me the wall
Be lowly as y'all, I guess y'all wasn't holy at all... naw!

Much love to the gospel MC
J Blast for coming down in the midst of sinners to try to help us remedy our situation...
Even though most if his peers told him not to
'Cuz we secular MCs.
Thanks for giving me Da T.R.U.T.H. CD and bringing true Godliness to our circle bro...
God bless you, for being so...


(Thou) oooooooh... yeeeeaaaah


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One of my very favorite cd's...epic


For a quickkkk quick second I thought this was gonna be a Metallica cover lmaooo


amazing as always I will meet him and krizz one day so help me!

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Banging in 2020

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For life

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Me: Mom can we get holier than thou
Mom: we have holier than thou at home
Holier than thou at home:

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Song name stolen from Metallica

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Smh its a saying bruh

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Stupid comment🤦‍♂️

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Do you know how many songs there are with the same names?

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