Salt Lake City
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Down in Utah
The guys and I dig a city called Salt Lake
It's got the grooviest kids
That's why we never get tired of Salt Lake
And the way the kids talk so cool
Is an out of sight thing
And the number one radio station
Makes the town really swing yeah
Salt Lake City we'll be coming soon
There's a park near the city, yeah
All the kids dig the Lagoon now
It's full of all kinds of girls
And rides and we'll be flyin' there soon now
And girl for girl
They've got the cutest of the Western states
They got the sun in the summer
And winter time the skiing is great yeah
Salt Lake City we'll be coming soon

Salt Lake City we'll be coming soon
We'll be coming soon
We'll be coming soon
We'll be coming soon

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Salt Lake City area will be my new home in about a year. I presently live in California, near Los Angeles, and it really sucks thanks to liberal extremist policies destroying a once beautiful city, and state.

I took a four day trip with my brother, and a few of of his friends up to Salt Lake City the last week of June of this year, and loved every minute of the trip. It was so awesome downtown Salt Lake City was so clean, only an occasional homeless bum here, and there, very little graffiti, and so many nice people, who spoke fluent English. What I enjoyed most was the food. Salt Lake City had some of the best restaurants I ever ate at.

Downtown Los Angeles on the other hand looks, and smells like aftermath of a post zombie apocalypse invasion, with tents, human feces, urine, dirty needles, crack pipes, and hoards of drunken, doped out, homeless bums sleeping on the sidewalks, or walking around shouting, and screaming to the thin air everywhere, if they're not following you around harassing you for money.

LA was a beautiful city when I moved into the area in the mid eighties, and it makes me cry how much the politicians are running it, and the rest of the state. The Golden State is now the Garbage State, and I hope to God Salt Lake City, and Utah politicians never let that happen to their city, and state.

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Don B

As a young boy, I thought that it was so cool to have The Beach Boys sing a song about my home town.

Katherine M.

@asmith121 Not in those was awesome!! It’s a melting pot now....but still cool 😎 in ways. We are good to everyone!! If you obey the laws, you can be anything or anyone you want here. Beach Boys sang at the 2002 was so much fun that day!!

Katherine M.

I loved it as my Grandma and Grandpa’s, and my mom’s home town.

Ryan Hanseen

@asmith121 only if you're boring and or hate nature


lol ye

Forever Blind

@Uncas Unga coitus interrupt-us

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Vanessa Love

This makes me proud to live in Utah.


lol same

Bryan Green

Vanessa Love hahaha. Lame

Winfield Weeden

Very underrated song. Should have been a single.

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