City of Orphans
The Classic Crime Lyrics

Jenny left from Idaho and made her home in Capitol Hill
In a 300 square foot studio above a coffee shop near the Broadway Grill
And every night she walks the block to trade in her time for cheap thrills
And everyone she meets is cool, but just out of reach and it kills

She used to spend her nights by firelight and singing to the stars
Now she’s ours
Kevin left from Denver where the air is clear and people are nice
And he traded it for sea level, for misty rain, what a bitter compromise
For now he felt like he belonged to those who understood him
But he sold his soul to fight right in and he watched his friends desert him
He used to spend his nights by candlelight and drinking wine to vinyl
Now he’s ours

It’s a city of orphans
Who had nowhere to go
So they cashed in their dreams
Headed northwest to the sea and they called it their home

But most don’t belong here
We’re all running away
And we’ll drain you dry of all semblance of life
We don’t give we just take, take, take

But this city has no Bible
There’s no meaning you can use
We’re all desperately searching for truth
We’re a city of orphans

Who had no place to go
So we cashed in our dreams, filled our glasses with Beam
And our bodies with smoke
And we spend every weeknight

Trading pints at the Streamline
And we talk about truth and we talk about love but we wake up to lies, lies, lies
It’s a city of orphans
Where did our fathers go

We stumble around in the bad part of town at the end of our rope
But there are no answers
On the tables of oak
If God could just hear us

We think that He’s near, but He left long ago
We’re a city of orphans
What do we do to ourselves?
We take all the good and the heaven around us and turn it to hell

We take all the good and the heaven around us and turn it to hell
We take all the good and the heaven around us and turn it to hell
Jenny left from Idaho and made her home in Capitol Hill


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Comments from YouTube:

Renuel Booyens

So so underrated , this is What music is about, should speak to you , music should give you goosebumps.

Dr. glooer

Aside from Seattle pride, this song is recognizing that a city without God is a city of orphans.


Love to listen to this when I'm beautiful and deep. Goes down to my soul. Keep it up TCC.

John Doe

The first time i heard this... I restarted the song 5 times before I finished it. Truly amazing, glad to see you're still touring!! Long live the classic crime. Fan since 2006 and counting


I love this song!!!! To much put it on iTunes or somewhere is awesome!

Leandro Coelho

06/09/2020 às 22h48
hora exata que me apresentou essa música, agora toda vez q ouço lembro vc

Eu te amo


i got so excited and happy when i heard "capitol hill, broadway, and its many coffee shops!" Seattle pride lol

Caleb Martin

Why would anyone need to dislike it?


Incredible song!

Julia Mendezz

For some reason i'm getting sad from this song?!?!

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