Young Again
The Classic Crime Lyrics

We never get it on the first time
We never get it right
So we wander through the desert under cover of night
Looking for a fire that can bring us to life
seen a lot of bad in a short time,
so we’ve lived in spite
yeah, we boarded all the doors to the good outside
but you only get as old as the callous on your soul
and if you let the darkness grow,
you will get hungry for more
until it consumes all
Oh, to be young again
To be confident and charming and believe it never ends
Oh, to be young again
I want to feel like I am closer to the start than to the end
I’ve been walking on a fine line

Between wrong and right
And it’s taken me to places I knew better to go
Put on a lot of faces at the theatre shows
Behind the curtain I am not a nice guy
I live with spite
And my bitterness compounded by the kids in the crowd
So innocent and open as they sing it out loud
There’s nothing you can do to stop from aging
All you have is this day
Every thought is a blessing
Every breath that you take
Everything outside of right now is illusory
It’s not real
The past, the future, they don’t exist.
All you have is now
Is this enough for you?


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Comments from YouTube:

Paramore Lives

I love these lyrics too "The past, the future, they don't exist"

Yaroslav Komarenko

Love their music!


I'd love to hear a duet between them and icon for hire


I'm so so glad I found you guys on Pandora

Saleos The Noob

damn... I can't believe I am 20 and I heard this when I was in 10th grade, and now it hits me hard.

Jesse Poise

Love this album! This is my favorite song too! <3

Rosa Lea

Is this enough for you?

Jace Tompkins

quality music 10/10

Majed Anbar

TCC keep making music.

tony the officer

found out about this band from a friend. i am already listening to the entire playlist.

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