Verso Il Sole
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Al Bano Per amare devi andare Verso il sole che c'è in te Quante…
Al Bano Carrisi Per amare devi andare Verso il sole che c'è in te Quante…
Corte dei Miracoli Da milioni di anni luce mi giungono le parole che donavi a…
Eugenio Bennato Quando vola sui deserti E sulle città di mare Quando sfrec…

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Dreamy Smiles Moonlight caressing our lovely souls Cold side, reflecting o…
Driving Driving down this high way Lot of questions buzzing on my…
M. Dupont Bonjour, je suis M. Dupont.…

No Problem (7 Samurai Vocal Mix) Webber Andrew Lloyd The Phantom Of The Opera The Point Of No…
Sei tu Il sole sei tu, e la luna sei tu, e il vento…
thin ice Love is thin ice It′s so easy to fall right in Love…

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brilliance from Milan, Italy


Groove Salad brought me to these fresh lands.


So, for fans of this BEAUTIFUL song I just learned that the echo-ey piano piece is a sample and/or tribute to Debussy's "Reflections in the Water." Very fitting combination of musical masterpieces.


This Nice Song


I love this song!!!!


I was turned on to this by NPR's "Morning Edition," 12 July 2017.


Great music, great minds.


Nice Song


The Dining Rooms “Numero Deux” is a very special album.


Mesmerizing... 3:10 and 3:14 remind me of Besaid Island from FFX

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