Epitaph for My Heart
The Magnetic Fields Lyrics

"Caution: to prevent electric shock do not remove cover
No user-serviceable parts inside Refer servicing to qualified
Service personnel"

Let this be the epitaph for my heart
Cupid put too much poison in the dart
This is the epitaph for my heart because it's gone, gone gone
And life goes on and on and on and death goes on, world without end

And you're not my friend
Who will mourn the passing of my heart
Will its little droppings climb the pop chart
Who'll take its ashes and,

Singing, fling them from the top of the Brill Building
And life goes on,
And dawn, and dawn and death goes on,
World without end and you're
Not my friend


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"cupid put too much poison in the dart "

April E. Randel

This song is perfect.



Stephanie Lintel

My dad wrote the first few lines on my 10th birthday card one year.
What's the matter with that guy? 
So depressing. But I'm just like him. And now love all of the sad music he once loved.

draft 16

I love this song to pieces but how does it fit a birthday card for a 10yo lol. I think your dad was a bit emo


You are just everything that has ever been done to you, and you are just everything that has never been done to you. Just like us all.

Leah Augustine

Stephanie Lintel that's beautiful


I always remember your comment whenever I listen to this song :)


+Stephanie Lintel You are not your dad.

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The instrumentation and sonic character of this is lovely. The progression of the song seems very 70s rock to me, the way it slags along so melodically, almost Beach Boys like...

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