Thelonious Monk Lyrics

My heart
Is sad and lonely
For you I sigh
For you dear only
Why haven't you
Seen it?
I'm all for you
Body and soul

I spend my days
In longing
And wondering why
It's me you're wronging
I tell you I mean it
I'm all for you
Body and soul

I can't believe it
It's hard to conceive it
That you'd
Turn away romance
Are you pretending?
Looks like the ending
Unless I could have
One more chance to prove
My life's a wreck
You're making
You know that I'm yours
For just the taking
I'd gladly surrender
Body and soul

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Comments from YouTube:


Love this album, and not just because of the cover. Favourite Monk album is 'Something in Blue' and the track of the same name.


some of Ben Riley's best playing with Monk


El musico mas personal que conozco. Uno escucha el piano de Monk y sabe q es Monk

José Luis Villamizar

Thelonious, no puedes hacer una pieza con una sola nota: Thelonious.

Lonesome Blue

El mundo sigue siendo habitable siempre que suene Monk

Za Ka Lu

love that album cover


My favorite of his albums


Monk in his French Resistance Gear. Check out that French Machine Gun on his hip and the Cheese 🧀 and 🍇 Grapes on the table in his underground bunker! Monk paying his respect. Gotta love that! 👊👍



Bruno Frey Nascimento

Great tune. Everyone, for Sheets from it, try to get Steve Cardenas's book about loads of TM tunes, it's in there, I have it. ;)

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