Rondo alla Turca
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics

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yo mozart, i'm a big fan

when's your next concert? i've been waiting 300 years or so

i'm 312 years old, i've still some time, so i'm not gonna rush you

just keep doing what you're doing till you're dead, haha!


why do people keep telling me he's dead?

he's not dead


edit 2:

313 years old now, maybe, mozart, you could, y'know, hurry up?

but no pressure, i still have time

edit 3:

people keep telling me he's dead

but this ain't true right

right guys?


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237 years later, if you're watching this you're a legend



Takuwa R


Tom Brady Deflates

thanks bro

Sherry Alaraby

Classic music in 2021.
Suits my mood very well.
I'm a legend


you too

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Charlotte St. Clair

I expect a Grammy win in the near future. This kid’s got talent

Pretty Good Lookin


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Yeah he did play it at 12 years old


@Dvr Murthy comparing todays artists skills and talents to the likes of beethoven or mozart is impossible

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