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White Crosses
Against Me! Lyrics

I wake up in the morning and I drink from the fountain.
I wake up in the morning with the same unanswered questions.
I don't know what's going to cure my unsettled stomach.
Street kids collect spare change in a conch shell on the side walk;
Their teeth are yellow, their hair is tangled.
Their minds are vapid and they laugh wild in their depravity.

I'll make my way back home to you, head north on San Marco Avenue.
White crosses on the church lawn, I want to smash them all.
I want to smash them all.

Pony tails swinging back and forth behind beach blonde college girls out for a jog.
Saint Augustine, shine your light down on me!
Pop hits from the 90's echo out of tourist filled bars.
I am met with arms crossed under dirty looks, I am treated like a common thief.

I'll make my way back home to you, head north on San Marco Avenue.
White crosses on the church lawn, I want to smash them all.
I want to smash them all.

Eaves-dropping in on conversation, I wander aimless leering at strangers.
Strung out on the amphetamines that you gave to me.
Eye-balled with suspicion by a pencil skirt in high heels,
You realize that you're talking to yourself.
Cannon fire explodes out over the bay.

I'll make my way back home to you, head north on San Marco Avenue.
White crosses on the church lawn, I want to smash them all.
Looking for context and perspective, looking for some kind of distraction.
White crosses on the church lawn, I want to smash them all.
I want to smash them all.


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Comments from YouTube:

L.S. Pig

This album is currently getting me through some tough times, I really appreciate music like this.

Timothy Taylor

Me too. Songs like Spanish Moss really hit me.

Rachel Chaiser

People complain about the sound of this album, but I love it. Sure, it may sound a bit more like 'mainstream' rock, but the content is still essentially the same. The lyrics are still raw and evoke both thought and emotion, and the music still fits each song perfectly. People are going to complain about any song, album or band regardless of the sound or message. AgainstMe! hasn't changed their message, they haven't started putting product placements in their songs; they are still the same band we love; a change of sound isn't selling out. Each one of AM's albums have a different sound and White Crosses is no different. If all they did was make music that sounded "punky" then people would complain about how linear and static the band is. To me, this album represents a type of growth that most people go through: an assimilation into the "real world," the world of consumerism and being someone's employee. Anarchistic ideals are lost in the daily routine of working to buy to live and that is exemplified in "I was a teenage anarchist." At least that's what I get out of this album.

Loren Means

The people that complained were all
Democrats so fuck them they aren’t really people

sPongebItch bObface

Rachel Chaiser this alternative punk rock with rock n roll tendencies works in against me's favor in my opinion.

The band retained that raw emotions they've carried trough out they're whole career, so I'm Content overall.

yeah nah

@Noah fair enough man and cheers for the reply. I think I just seen that godforsaken word and went on rant haha. Just as you mention their being a faction of fans that 'called it' as 'they' saw it I've no doubt in the world there exists an even more dope, more hip, more exclusive bunch of cunts that would have called the previous move to fatwreck the moment they sold out. Joey Cape nailedit years ago in 'know it all'...."bands are cool til they've made enough cash, to eat food and get a pad, then they've sold out and their music's cliche, cause talents exclusive to band without pay". I fkn hate the term. I dunno what's wrong with just saying you dont dig the new shit, they rocked ya world for a while and for that I'm forever fortunate and thankful. Its this bizarre thing to 'sellout', I'm half a world away downunder and it really doesn't apply over here with local bands seeing it's a whole different world but it's allways bemused me watching from afar. Like who gets off on the idea that like these 3-5 random cunts owe it to you as a fan to traverse their career to your liking hahah like do these cunts knock back a pay rise at their job at a fear of 'selling out'? I fkn bet ya they dont....fkn hypocrites.


I think you misinterpreted my comment. I'm all for this record, and agree with most of what you're saying.

To clarify, no, it doesn't mean very little. This is my career, and putting time and money into your production pays off, as Against Me! has learned. Laura herself intentionally spent more time with Vig in order to pursue the sound she wanted, which yielded her producing more and more of the band. If you've read her book, you'll know that New Wave was criticized as being a "sellout" record with the FL punk scene, but now often gets cited as the go-to for getting into the band.

White Crosses, however, was deemed to have too much production value by Laura herself, which can and does rip away some soul from certain punk acts if not done with caution. It actually wasn't them "doing what they do" on a couple of these records, as professed by her, and was more bending to the will of audience/record labels. In reality, her big push into being "way too honest" was pushing into Trans Blues, and I think it shows in the quality of the songwriting.

All that said, I still think this is a very solid record, and Spanish Moss is still one of my favorite, more "pop" esque sounds from AM!. Very happy I've seen them live a couple times.

yeah nah

@Noah There's a bit more to it than that bro. Having some coin sunk into studio and post production time means but very little. The 70's and 80's was a lifetime ago now and the only poorly produced sounding shit is made by some nitwit alone recording into a computer. Think of the leaps in technology and what was finished in a week 20-30 years ago would sound like now if recorded in the same time frame. Anyway, what I'm getting at is and no disrespect to bands that indeed do the more so stereotypical 'sell out' act but any cunt familiar with Against Me!, was well aware that whilst they're getting a payday and fkn good on em for getting one because look at the shit out there that's getting paid, this band was waaaaaay to honest, decent, striving towards improvement and self respectful to ever lose those traits and say fuck the music. Any cunt with half a brain knows this is Against Me! doing what they do each album but really being able to explore and experiment on a scale like never before with a budget like never before. End result is a fucking cracking album imo.

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Been listening to Against Me! since 2000, that's 14 damn years. This is a mighty fine album and solid from start to finish. Good stuff guys.

Cheryl Barnes

Only just discovered this band, loving their stuff! Love Because of the Shame, catchy.

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