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Cook With Fire
Heart Lyrics

C'mon, c'mon, I said c'mon

This hot night wind is mine, I know
This gust of love ain't no liar
Steamed up, blown up, stoked from below
I'm a ready to cook with fire, ooh with fire

Yeah [Incomprehensible]

She cattin' around to catch you, man
And butters you up to buy her
Darlin', she's just a flash in the pan
And now don't you wanna cook him with fire?

I'm talkin' 'bout kickin' the role thing, yeah
I wanna give you the whole thing, yeah

Ooh, listen, she gonna burn ya
I tell ya, she gonna make you a fool
But it'll help ya learn yeah
Way, way better than school

I got the soul that's got the spark for ya
Holdin' a real hot wire
You got a hungry flame in the dark
And Lord, we gonna cook it with fire

I got the soul that's got the spark for ya
Holdin' a real hot wire, yeah
We got a hungry flame in the dark
And Lord, we gonna cook it with fire

Oh, listen to me
Ooo, my sweet baby
You'll wind up cooking with

see-see-ook it with fire, see-see-cook it with fire
Oh, I could cook it with
See-see-cook it with
Oh, cook it with fire, fire, fire, fire

Ooh yeah

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Paul Ceasrine

Heart-I-Fact >

This was from the  ........... Portland Jam 78'

Saturday ~ September 2, 1978 @ The Portland International Raceway

'Heart' was the headliner for this outdoor concert, where 25,000 attended.

Appearing Bands
* Heart
* Bob Welch
* Little River Band
* Randy Hansen {A Seattle-based guitarist who did a 'Jimi Hendrix Tribute Show'}

Ann Wilson opens up on stage by saying >
"We're going to start off with something new."

The band started playing 'Cook With Fire' in June 1978, and used this song
for their how opener throughout the rest of the 1978 year, and into early-1979

This song was the opening track on their album 'Dog and Butterfly' which was
released on October 7, 1978.

This may have been Heart's most 'edgy' hard-rock song, as it employs raw-power
with an energetic Lead-Guitar from Roger Fisher, a power-beat from Drummer Mike DeRossier, and Harmonica from Nancy Wilson.

Ann Wilson, was 'awesome' as usual.

It goes without saying, that 1978 was probably the best year for Heart, as the
band was at it's tightest on stage 'live'.

All comments from YouTube:


this is when rock bands could really play as a unit and when good rock and roll was really on the map! how I miss the solid rock of the seventies!!

Music Lover

This is a band at the top of their game. Roger Fisher, Howard Leese, Derosier - just a magic time in this bands long career. Hard to top them at this stage. A stunning performance !

Leonhard Popp


Teana Nardone

@Mario Duran )



They were so tight live. True professionals all!

Mario Duran

Mark Cox too !! What about Ann and Nancy.... WOW !!!!


This is so bad ass if someone asked me what rock n roll is, this would be part of my definition. The energy is intoxicating. I love this song & they're damn sure cooking with fire. Girl is my favorite female vocalist good lord @ their magic


Couldn't have picked a better song to begin the Dog & Butterfly album with.  I have loved this song since the first time I heard it and it still rocks all these years later.

Ed Marcewicz

well said heart definitely is a great band!! KICK IT OUT!!👍


cadirector Right ??

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