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Ab Ovo
Joep Beving Lyrics


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Marla Catherine

Loooove Joep Beving, his music is so beautiful.


I agree! I came here cuz of your video :)

Liam Houghton

how has no one heard this song. Its a true masterpiece.

Tina Opancar

@Jasper bud, a song doesn't need to be complex or technically hard to play to be a master piece. It's all about how we experience the song and what effect the song has on us. Maybe it's not a master piece, but who really cares? For example, when I first listened to this song I thought "wow" and kept replaying the song for the next few days. Beethoven is much more complex, but nothing really stands out. Frankly, his music is just boring.


@Rapunzelrapunzel More like comparing freshly cut strawberries to those frozen ones you buy in bulk to make coulis.
Sure, I like them both but one is definitely superior to the other one. Definitely.
And I really like this track btw, it's just not a masterpiece


@Jasper Two completely different musical masterpieces. Would you compare a strawberry to a banana?


At least like two people have heard this song

Kevan Chong

I don't know but can you say this is better than Beethoven? I think I can give it a yes

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Katalin Forgacs

I feel there is a giant waterfall inside me, washing away some unknown melancholic thoughts...I have to say so long no music left such an impact on me. Thank you so much for this experience.

David g

I feel the same, a surge of melancholy that was not there before. Beautiful piece.

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