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Demoiselle Africa
Magic System Lyrics

Africaaaaa ma jolie.
Sur ton berceau je suis penché depuis le jour où tu es né, je dis comme ça.
Toi la belle étoile, nouvelle Africa je pense à toi.
D'ici ou d'ailleurs, nous sommes des enfants d'Afrique, même si le ciel tombait, soyons pour la paix.
Demoiselle Africa va danser,
va danser ooh Africa met tes jolis colliers.
Africaaaaaaa Africaaaaaaa mon Afrique.
Tu aurais du... la chaleur tes cheveux,
tu vas leurs faire tomber parterre tes amoureux oh ma belle Africa.
Ici ou ailleurs,
un jour tu vas voler, même si le ciel tombait, ne m'oublie jamais.
Demoiselle Africa va danser,
va danser ooh Africa met tes jolis colliers.
Africaaaaaaa Africaaaaaaa mon Afrique.
Ma demoiselle Africa où elle est?
Où elle eeest? Ma chérie dans le soleil.
Ma princesse afriquaine,
vas t'amuser comme un oieau du ciel, dis.
Va visiter le paradis d'en-bas.
Tu auras les tambours du Burundi,
tu auras les ruisseaux de???
Mets tes jolis colliers.

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Comments from YouTube:

Rea Ppdm

Wow i was searching this song for months. Greetings from Greece ❤❤

Rea Ppdm

@Taniolap δε νομίζω! 😜


Είμαστε ήδη 3 από Ελλάδα που σχολιάζουμε....τυχαίο???

Donovan Hudson

Category...Pets and animals!!!?
I heard this song on my rerurn trip from South Africa Joburg and almost had them turn the plane right around and drop me back. I like this tune

Ian Stewart

@Donovan Hudson I did start the journey back to Australia awake, but was a red eye flight from Joburg so passed out.
I visited Capetown, Joburg and went out to the Free State. Beautiful country

Donovan Hudson

@Ian Stewart thanks for sharing your experience. I would never have thought to look under that category relaxed music for my return trip but it's good to know that you had a similar experience. whereabouts did you visit in Africa?

Ian Stewart

HA!! Had the same experience flying out of Africa. I chose the album on a whim, and it played over and over as I drifted in and out of sleep during the flight. "Coming to" with this album playing was a great way to get through the flight. Amazing band...and what's with that: Pets and animals??

Sarah adorable

cette chanson me touche telment 😂😂😂😢😢

Maria Michalinos

Mon Afrique à moi...trop beau...c top!


je la kiffe cette chanson c'fort

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