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Evan Perks
The Chariot Lyrics

Barely only breathing.
My differences, my fight, comes into the light.
And to the shadows, that cannot exist without the light,
Please refer to the end of the page.
'Stay with us,' standing alone, 'come with us'.
'Stayed' is a lonely ghost.
Or break into death, shake my heart in your hands.
This relationship burns.

Disappointed, I know you are.

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Comments from YouTube:

Alex Hennigh

As awesome as this band was...I bet venues fucking HATED booking these guys

Boris Theblade

@Joseph McCord cold story bruh, thznks 4 helping me

Chase G

@Joseph McCord Does not surprise me... Sounds and looks like something that would happen often at their shows... By the looks of it, there would be multiple ppl bleeding/needing medical care.


@Joseph McCord JFC

Joseph McCord

I actually had to organise one of the gigs in this video. The one in the tiny little room with them playing on the floor. We had to put them in there at less than a days notice because the original venue found out about what was gonna happen and cancelled the day of the gig.

The Jesus looking dude actually smashed a dude in the head with his guitar and split him wide open. The venue had no insurance or even really a first aid kit. I took him outside and just helped him put pressure on it but the dude just decided to go back in and watched the rest of the show with his shirt stopping the bleeding.


They are nuts! I will never forget David pulling me on stage and telling me to go bang on the drums while he jumps in the crowd. These guys are awesome


Man I miss them so much. I traveled across the country to see their last show ever and it was soooo amazing

Akuma Slays


Mike Oxmaul

Crazy that this album is 10 years old already!

NoHome FortheWeak

Still one the greatest to do it live ever. They killed it 💔

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