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Perfect Man
신화 Lyrics

Yeah Uh
Keu dae man eul al ket seo
Nae soom ee da han dae doh
Cause you are the one

moh doo pyeon han ta hae doh
(nan pyeon ha chi ahn ket seo)
Keu nyang nae peo ryeo dweo
Na eui keu nyeo eh gen si gan ee peol yo hal the ni ga
Nan ki da ryeo ya man dwae
Dae ron him teul ket chi hang sang neh gyeod ehn
Wan pyeok han sarang ee it seo
Nae ga chool soo eop teon man heun keot
Seh sang eul ta ga chin neo il the ni ga

Keu dae man eul al ket seo nae soom ee da han tae doh
Cause you are the one
Ta sin nae geh ni ga eop teon si ryeon toh eop seul keo ya
Nae poom eh neh ga ee chen swil soo it toh rok
(rescue me, yeah, woo)

neh ga deo na peo ri gi cheon ehn
(ah moo geot doh mol rat seo)
Nae geh choon yo haet teon keon oh na il poon
Ee chen kae dal at seo neo moo neut cheot chi man
Neo reul al ah pon keo ya ha na eui sarang in keol
Che pal nae geh dak chin ko dong sok eh seo
Na reul koo hae nae choo ket ni
Il nyeon kad eun ha roo reul sa neun keh
Neo moo him eh gyeo weo gyeon til soo eop seo


Ya, the perfect man is who I be,
Sittin' on top with ya, but more swifter,
Stronger than your knob liquor, money hoes and
Clothes don't let the clues get ya, they not fear.

hok si neo gi eok sok eh nae ga
Ah choo deom deom ha geh neu gyeo chil taen
Moh ning keo pi hyang ki cheo reom
Kod sa ra chil taen
Ma chi mak ki hoe reul nae geh chool soon eop na
Da si si chak hae

neo nae ga eol ma na him teul eot neun chi al keo ya
Neo eui gyeod eul teo nan cheok eop seo (call me)
Nal pad ah choon ta myeon nae moh deun keh pyeon hal keo ya
Neo ee gi reul kan cheol hi weon hae weon hae


(See time don't stop, the crime don't stop,
So I won't stop till I'm sittin' on top,
To every home phone and a cells gets parked,
And every hard top get chopped to we drop) don't have


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Comments from YouTube:

Ro-Ro Ro your boat

I'm am ARMY and I loved BTS' cover but No one could beat the Original. This is amazing

Liyumar Figuereo

I like bts cover more

Silvia j

@Mini_mini Jiminie after seeing the original, bts thought did AMAZING, even they can’t out do the creators.

Neo Culture Technology

@Playgirl shit telling me to grow up but calling me a duckhead seems mature to me interesting 🤔. Have a nice day and remember use your brain✌🏾.

Playgirl shit

@Neo Culture Technology I'm not mad you just don't know how to use the brain you don't have I won't waste any time being mad at duckheads ciaoo

Neo Culture Technology

@Playgirl shit okay and? Why are you so pressed? It doesn’t matter if it is people’s opinions a cover can’t do better than the original it’s common sense. Let’s not be pressed about that. Yes I can handle people’s opinions you are just mad that I said the cover can’t do better than the original which is true. Let’s not get butthurt over that because you seem butthurt. Also let’s not tell people to grow up about that either since you are so pressed about me saying that.

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I don’t care if they’re an old group, their chemistry is brilliant

kankana roy

@ayolii also shinhwa hyesung and dongwan have one of the best vocals in K-pop. Please check them out. I hope you won't have any misconception about lipsync anymore.

kankana roy

@ayolii not at all. Shinhwa is the longest running K-pop group. Every group deserves respect. Kindly do that. No matter which group you support remember your idols also have their own idols.


ayolii what does that have to do with the original comment?

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