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A Whole New Way of Looking At the Day
Abakus Lyrics

Captain America:
How's your joint, George?

George Hanson:
L believe it went out.
L got to talking so much,
L clean forgot about...
Lt went out.

Captain America:
Save it and we'll do it

Tomorrow morning.
Lt gives you a new way
Of looking at the day.

George Hanson:
L sure could use a little of that.

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Comments from YouTube:


this song is dedicated to people that can find happiness into sound


For real homes ❤️🙏

Pkmn Trainer

people with a fine balance of both Male and Female energy, leaning more towards the female energy


This takes me back to a time when I was in a corporate job, driving a big car, and I hated all of it. Every day on my way to work - I played this song. None of what we are told matters, actually matters. Thanks for the upload.

Lady Exploring

Best to drive your car at night :) Thank you ABAKUS :)


I must've repeated this song 5x last night, while driving! Thank you Spotify 😁😁😁

Cup & Cone

Wyatt: "How's your joint, George?" George: "Oh my..I believe it went out. I got to talkin' so much I clean forgot about it...went out" Wyatt: "Well, save it. We'll do it first thing tomorrow morning. Gives you a whole new way of looking at the day." George: "Well, I sure could use that! Yes, I sure could use a little of that!" -Easy Rider

antonio vastola

Muzika e bukur dhe sugjestive , bërë për relaksim i përgjithshëm


Love the music, thank you my friend for the share.

Михаил Селезнёв


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