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Divine Moments of Truth
Shpongle Lyrics

"dmt, dmt, doo dee doo dmt, lsd doo dmt, lsd doo dmt...divine moments of truth, total and utter cosmic stuff..."

"be here now... i love everybody"


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Serial Procrastinator

If I'm not mistaken, the sample in the beginning is the poem "An autumn night" (秋夕) by the Tang dynasty poet Du Mu (杜牧). The original in Chinese is:

And in English it would mean something close to:

Autumn light
From a white candle
On a cold moonlit screen.
A silk fan
Catching glow-worms
On the fly.
Long into the dark evening
She sits on the palace steps,
Forgetting cool night
As she watches the Cowherd Star
Meeting his Weaver Girl, high in the sky.

Wilbur Jenkins



We chase joy as if it will never taint our memories
and avoid hurt as if it will never inspire us better
Peeling loose threads away like they don't belong
We hide weakness when knowing we are wrong
Open; we crave to find something in between
while our closed eyes dine on dreams
Our own hope fights us, pushing us
into enlightened blindness
A feigned cost
that prevents us from becoming
what we have lost
Smothered by joys beholden
we delve into despondency
in our attempt to placate it
Pleasure is just love yet to be lost
and pain is just love yet to be had
They are one in the same
each having two sides
an edge to cut
or a brush to paint
and yet we still strive
unknowing that love
will always be our greatest sorrow.


A thousand years is but an instant.

There’s nothing new, nothing different; same pattern over and over. The same clouds, same music, the same things I felt an hour or an eternity ago. There’s nothing here for me now, nothing at all.

Now I remember, this happened to me before. This is why I left.

You have begun to find your answers. Although it will seem difficult the rewards will be great. Exercise your human mind as fully as possible knowing that it is only an exercise. Build beautiful artifacts, solve problems, explore the secrets of the physical universe, savor the input from all the senses, filled with joy and sorrow and laughter, empathy, compassion, and tuck these emotional memories in your travel bag.

I remember where I came from, and how I became human, why I hung around, and now my final departure’s scheduled:

This way out, escaping velocity. 
Not just eternity, but 

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Neutron Pixie

I was listening to this when my grandma walked in the room and said "this is trippy". It took me a few minutes to remember that my grandma has been dead for 20 years.

Insert name here:

Clearly she was right about it being trippy then!

Fishing Wizard

I'm sure that actually happened

Yasir Mohamed

@Jackson Goldhand


Blasted off hard that day! 👍

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This song was so much ahead of time that the genre hasnt still reached it.

Giuliano Napolitano

@fadedsun303 Trust us, it's NOT only based on musical inspiration, it's something else. Something Ineffable. Impossible to grasp, Impossible not to see.

Bryce Olson

@Nikola Tesla yeah and like 99% are garbage compared to shpongle


@Nikola Tesla psy-trance is what they are labeled under but have you ever seen how they make their music. They use real instruments unlike most DJ's/Producers that are labeled under the same genre. If you've ever seen their live band shows it is something special. I would say the only other person that is slightly reminiscent is Ott. Especially when he plays with the all seeing eye


@fadedsun303 I think he meant ahead of it's time as in no one really makes music quite like sphongle. It's true that every single piece of music is a derivative of past sounds and songs of the last, but this has its roots in so many different genres it's hard to put a label on what sphongle is. They have a sound unlike any other and for that reason they are ahead of their time. ESPECIALLY when their music came out almost two decades ago. People since then have tried to mimick their sound but no one does it quite like shpongle. So in that since they are ahead of their time. Trailblazers in the music industry. Defying genres with their own unique sound

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