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Detroit City
Bobby Bare Lyrics

Last night I went to sleep in Detroit City
I dreamed about them cotton fields of home
I dreamed about my mother, dear old pappy, sister and brother
And I dreamed about the girl who's been waitin' for so long

I want to go home
I want to go home
Oh, how I want to go home

Home folks think I'm big in Detroit City
From the letters that I write they think I'm just fine, yes they do
But by day I make the cars and by night I make the bars
If only they could read between the lines

‘cause you know I rode a freight train north to Detroit City
And after all these years I find I've just been wastin' my time
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna take my foolish pride
Get it on a southbound freight and let it ride
I'm gonna go back to the loved ones
The ones I left waiting so far behind

I want to go home, yeah
I want to go home
Oh, how I want to go home (Can't you hear me?)

I want to go home
Whoa, baby I want to go home
Oh, how I want to go home (Somebody help me)

I want to go home, yeah
I want to go home, whoa oh
Oh, how I want to go home

Hmm, I want to go home...

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Mell Tillis's story about his song is hilarious.
Originally it was kind of a sequel to Tupelo County Jail.
He sang it to Owen Bradly and he said "We have enough jail songs and county songs. Make it about someplace else, Detroit or somthing".

Mel went straight wo Webb Pierce's office.
"I got a song. It just needs a little work. Owen likes it.
As he looks around the room it becomes obvious that Webb and company have been up all night drinking.
There are empty bottles everywhere and every one has a little bit of a beard starting.
Webb than delivers the most Rock 'n Roll line ever said by an old time country star.
"We are way too busy to work on your song now. Can't you tell we are still partying?"

Dejected Mel goes down to the basement and finds Danny Dill.
And the rest is history.

All comments from YouTube:

Rob Bekker

Bob Dylan opens his new book with this song. Otherwise I wouldn't have known that this song existed. Nice to meet you. Especially like the deep basslike guitarpieces


Bought the book for my 13 year old son, but who am I kidding. I bought the book for myself. The boy is eager for the river to thaw, he’s got a new fly rod. I’ve got this song.

Giovanni Paoli



Me too

Bryan Yurcan

Same here. I just got the book for Christmas

Creepy Crespi

This song used to be on the juke box in the little town I grew up in.

Happy Hippy

I remember my Dad playing this song as a child and singing to me. What I wouldn't give for one more ride in his old pick up. 😔

Tammy Malanowski

@Becca Deen xbxsndbcbsjdbbdfdjdfjjfjfjjdfhfkshhsj super tree let's see yeah text me thank you trick or ggffjfhfjdffbddbdhdldndnwjwdbfdhssjhfska. MZkfoadbdksjakshfhsaksjdj so it's thank you sounds like it's moving now

Becca Deen

My dad played it too. They would play 500 Rummy every Friday night. I love the way I grew up.

Tammy Stone

I sure wished they still made music like this. I love Bobby Bare...♥️♥️♥️

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