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Kill Them All
Brainbombs Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Kill Them All' by these artists:

Aeon Eyes of envy stares at me they hope I fail Anything…
Maddy Ellwanger since you were six years old you havent said a…
Magic Sword They came in the night. They killed everyone. I hid in the…
Russ Yeah This beat is crazy, shout out to me All you little…
Terminal Choice Schwarze Wesen in dunkler Nacht Tödlicher Fehler Du hast n…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Brainbombs:

Anal Desire Push her head against the floor And fuck her till she's…
Die You Fuck Smashed his face He didn't move I hit him again He didn't sc…
Obey Childfuck Childrape, yes Take a child Use it Mak…
Oh what a feeling She woked up Handcuffed to the bed I just stood there Boot o…
Skinned Alive Skin him alive People say when you die Your life is passin…
To Hurt Take it out on you I want to hurt Make you suffer I…
Wishing A Slow Death You shut the door There is no turning back It's your own…

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Comments from YouTube:

Civil War

That intro is pristine.

Calum Ingram

It's sampled from Chris Sawyers locomotion I'm 100% sure

Crying Laughing productions

ahh yes. the timeless brainbombs.

rat dior yumm ksdmsk

nice pfp my dude 😼😼

iz current93

Crying Laughing productions

Oh yes... am so glad you like this ... how I would love to do half the shit he says..

iz current93

If you got the power. I think I do... I think I do.. ??

Der Freigeist

That's some Dostoevski shit right there


iz current93 then kill me

❻ Δ Ł Ụ C i • F Σ д R Δ ❻

Picture of - Ed gein serial killer


What kind of haircut is he sporting

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