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Colin Stetson Lyrics

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Wiens No.1 Na na na na oh oh Na na na na oh…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Colin Stetson:

A Dream of Water There were those, who didn’t run, there were those, who coul…

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Comments from YouTube:

Samuel Torres

What a monster. He's more in tune with his instrument than I am with my own body.

bruno gonzalez

He’s just as in tune with his body too. The physical skill and prowess it takes to play all that.

Bass Saxophone

@Lgg130 thats what he said.

Marsel Music



and with his sax too


I like how this is called a "How to..." As if any mere mortal could pick up a bass saxophone and do the same things he does!

Mr. Autastic

Imagine trying to master circular breathing like he does...

Mark Zeppelin

7 years later and he's beginning to be know as quite a master of Horror scores for doing what he did for Uzumaki and Hereditary. Who would have know a saxophone could sound so aesthetic yet so horrifying


that has to be the most evil looking musical instrument I have ever seen. and the fact that his face turned a bright red didn't help matters. all he needs is a pair of horns to complete the effect.

Bass Saxophone

look up the contrabass sax, compact contrabass, e flat tubax (type of contrabass sax), b flat tubax (type of subcontrabass sax), subcontrabass sax, compact subcontrabass sax.

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