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Colin Stetson Lyrics

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Wiens No.1 Na na na na oh oh Na na na na oh…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Colin Stetson:

A Dream of Water There were those, who didn’t run, there were those, who coul…

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Comments from YouTube:

Zed C

I’m astonished that this is just a guy playing the saxophone and screaming at the same time.


You saw the "How To" video with Colin, too?

Ermolai Borisovich

That is messed up. Whoever took this photo, did that intentionally. I have cared for hundreds of kittens in my life time & there has not been an incident like that ever... I believe they pushed her face down.

Geode Roll

I was hella confused until I remembered a picture of a cat with porridge all over it's face.

mazda miata

@CB Starsight i know the feeling, i love good horror too

CB Starsight

@mazda miata oh... I'm sorry, I was genuinely hoping to watch a good horror movie for once!

mazda miata

@CB Starsight no its just a joke going around the internet

CB Starsight

@Ermolai Borisovich is it a movie? If so should I watch it?

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Rusty Wilson

This sounds like a group of soldiers cautiously navigating a bombed out city block on the lookout for guerrillas

Rusty Wilson

@Jacob S I had Full Metal Jacket on in the background while I was listening to this so that's got a lot to do with it lmao

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