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Cold & Well-Lit Place
Oxbow Lyrics

The Duke brown-shirted and suited says.
"And I think I know what it is. Since it
Smells like a church mouse. So let's rearrange
The rec room chairs. Because, jesus christ, it's murder in here."

Shoes shuffle along the linoleum
And she just comes and comes and comes

"Now I didn't bring these drinks for nothing"
The Duke not disheveled or dissembled says.
"And not drinking is a sin. That offends
The eye of your lonesome. So let's tip the
Goddamned glass. And get to enjoying ourselves, fast."

Downtown no one without an invitation
Never, ever comes around

"So spread around the cheese fellas"
The Duke clear as a bell says. You might think.
"And do what your conscience clears you for.
Which, by my lights, is not nearly enough. So
Let's let the going get tough."

Cigarettes smoke gray and blue rings
And no one here is broke. No, no one here has anything to fear
And while they say that the best things in life are free
Everything around here comes with a fee

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Comments from YouTube:

John Bones

Now THIS is how you age gracefully as a rock band without losing your edge. Far too many bands/artists soften their sound in the hope of becoming 'mature' and they just get boring. Either that or they just repeat past glories, treading over the same worn ground ad infinitum/ad nauseam. or they fall into solipsism (e.g recent Mark Kozelek).

Oxbow, along with Swans, are great models for creative bands to look up to in order to gain some insight into how to do it right.

Samuel Loomis

@Clare Fitzgerald I like latest Mark Koz stuff as much as his earlier work. It’s actually quite good. Lick my parts, my man.

Knuckle Dragger

@Clare Fitzgerald even Common As Light !?

policeman planet

Idk man I don't think you're using the right word to describe Mark Kozelek

Clare Fitzgerald

AGree w/ both Oxbow and Mark Koz....His music has been Garbage since Benji.


Yeah, the Swans have been killing it lately and this new Oxbow album is a fucking masterpiece. You couldn't have said it better.

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Suzy Lux

he does so much with his voice.

Erik Frost

This is such a badass album & band, it sucks they aren’t more well-known

Joan Odom

I'm currently obsessed with Robinson's journalism, vocal ART, and his sheer intelligence. My own son recently passed away and I would seriously adopt Eugene as my honorary child. Well every genre. Oh, he's also hysterically FUNNY. 💜

Juan A. Perez

That fret less bass was beautiful. The whole jam is just Oxbow sex. I am loving the mix on this song. I heard they got different engineers for the digital and the vinyl versions. I wonder what differences there will be in the two versions.

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