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Spanway Hits
Flake Music Lyrics

Use a pen to reflect

What you've got left to protect

On the old dusty shelves

In your childhood room

You've got a lot to go on:

Posters of Simon LeBon

All might help you decide

In case you ever try

They just want you to come by

The florist in foam

A rigid folk's home in time that I might cry

Cut all these ties you'll see

How far apart we are

No two of us sees or acts alike

Wasting time and pretend

You've got the words to defend

Well every bias you've learned while being human

Remember that we all knew

Riding big wheels was cool

We'd give it all to be that dumb again

These are all bonds and ties

In spite of what they are

No two of us tells or thinks the same

Cut all these ties you'll see

How far apart we are

Those are our bonds and ties

In spite of what they are

Contributed by Abigail B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


a very underappreciated album, absolute gem. simply had to order it

Lex Aeternal

Amazing. I'm pretty lovesick over this right now.


found this through a boombox by someone

Charles Carranza

One of my favourite albums of all time

Franz Lundstedt

wow! it sounds marvelous!

Brick Beefcake

Tangent time. When I was in grade 4 I was sweet on a girl who played this album on her Walkman every day. Eventually I had the courage to ask her about it. With time, we grew attached at the hip. She later passed away in grade 8 and I later became obsessed with James Mercer. Eventually following other artists like John Darnielle, Daniel Johnston, and Danger Mouse. It can all be traced to some stupid brat with an interest in a girl he could never have. Life sure can be complicated but at least we got some good tunes eh? Sorry for the ramble. I'll blame it on the booze.

sofia koch