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Hell March
by Frank Klepacki

Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
Hey you -

Sometimes i think this woman is kinda hot
Sometimes i think this woman is sometimes not
Puts me down, fools me around
What's she doing to me?
Out for satisfaction, any piece of action
That ain't the way it should be
She needs love, smells out a man
She's gotta see
Pours my beer, licks my ear
Brings out the devil in me

Hell ain't a bad place to be

Spends my money, drinks my booze, stays out every night
And i got to thinking, "hey, just a minute, something ain't right"
Disillusions and confusion
Make me want to cry
All the same, you lead your games
Tellin' me your lies
Don't mind her playing a demon
As long as it's with me
If this is hell then you could say
It's heavenly

Hell ain't a bad place to be

Late at night turns down the lights
Closes up on me
Opens my heart, tears it apart
Brings out the devil in me

Hell ain't no bad place to be

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I still think this version of Hell March is the greatest. Nothing better than the original.

identity Europa

I agree


RIP good RTS games, you will be remembered :<


"Welcome back, commander"
June 6, 2020 Released
Command & Conquer ™ Remastered Collection

pissboy80 thot

There was a little good RTS game after this comment, Hearts of Iron 4, however the community was toxic and didn't resemble the old ones in any way, and that's the end of the story for good RTS games.

Alex K

But what about C&C mobile?

Polanopyle / You'll be happy to know they`re remastering the original games. :)

cjffjgj gjdhxfhd

Spring Engine?

24 More Replies...

Liz Negamoon

This is perfect to listen to while playing Wolfenstein.

OmniXhydro _

I’ve only played one wolfenstein game but I can confirm that this is facts

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