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We really, REALLY need the third game. Jensen's story deserves to be finished!

Senator Aldrin

@writershard5065  whatever but I badly want a game based on JC

That Guy

@burnt toast  they are doing it!!! It's going to be a while like 3 years so hit me up when they release the first trailer

Writer Shard

THEY'RE DOING IT! New Deus Ex game coming. Hopefully it'll finish Jensen's story.

burnt toast

Eidos announced they're starting work on a new one, now that they're away from Square.

Griot David

@jonny jynxer That's something a lot of people say. But no. Mankind Divided is a masterpiece of world crafting and gameplay. Everything in this game is as it should be. The level design is really, and I mean REALLY intricate, the story is well fleshed out, the art and graphics are top notch. This is, by far, my favorite Deus Ex, and I played OG Deus Ex since its original 2000 release, countless times.

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This game is almost 10 years old.... wtf where did the years go?

Twor Ivor

@Ivan Matej Deus Ex: Human Rebolution is as old as original Deus ex, when HR was released.


+@WonderBlubber+ Ace Combat 6 was released over a decade ago and Ace Combat 7 came out in 2019.


2020 made time feel like it was just crawling by.

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