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Michael McCann Lyrics

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Sami Murad

this might be the best soundtrack ever made


No, It`s one of the ten best soundtracks ever made. Take at least Imperatrix Mundi by Jo Blankenburg and many others

Brad Mihai

you 2 need so much linearity. Cant you just enjoy relativity and evolve?.. a little bit? Gl.

Señor Kaktusz

It is the best soundtrack ever made🔥


мощная музыка!

Jack Ryce

Its time to aspire. Time to shed the shackles. Time to spread your wings. Time to take back whats yours. Take your Freedom by any means necessary. Fight. Once more. One. Last. Time.


3:15 is really powerful

Anzhela Kurator

amazing song!


Какой же крутой трэк!

Aisen Mikhailov

So epic

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