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The Thermal Drill guys. Go get it!

@KvasTaras Fair enough, my point is every 30 or so years tech does crazy exponential jumps, since the 1st tech revolution (industrial revolution); example phones & pc from 30 years ago are "bricks" by today standards. Also compare WW1 & WW2 tech.

So my guess, is that we should reach AI & mankind singularity by 2040. In the meantime we might develop other frontier of the 4th tech revolution, be it bio-tech (DNA modification via CRISPR / CAS 7 atm & "artificial humans" maybe even hunan clonation & artificial organs). Nano tech & human augmentation, etc.

All I can say, this century will be very interesting.

Edit: Elon plans to put the chips in human trial next year btw! They already tested it this year with pigs.

Edit 2: Here's the artificial womb in Israel:

Here's the whole Elon Musk NeuraLink showcase:

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This game will forever be a top 10 of all time for me. The music pulled you into the world.

Davide Pellicanò

Absolute masterpiece


want this candy bar?

Layoner [PL]


Jorge Granada

A fucking opus!

boi oof

Just like the game itself

Shadow Master

It's not the end of the world... But we can see it from here.

Nazareno Hossfeldt

"They cannot stop us. They cannot stop the future."


@Restless Gamer ? Bionic research is ever ongoing.

Restless Gamer

They already stop the research progress

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