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Suicide Mission
by Jack Wall

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can I wipe my memory so I can relive these games for the first time again?


Apparently EA heard Gamers prayer and wanted to finally start a Trilogy Remaster. Heard that on a Channel from some Guy a couple days i randomly encountered do the algorythm. Can't remember the Channel though.


Darth Revan

Middlefingerstudios1 I feel man



Daniel C

@engared I wish I could wipe my memory of the 4th one

Mantas Unreal

Man ask reapears for this help too remove your memory completetly ;}

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Sage Vodka

Suicide mission still terrifies me to this day. The sheer amount of responsibility I feel for my squad as a player by that point is surreal.


How? You already know all the correct choices and to upgrade your ship. Nowadays I can only appreciate the music and cinematics.

Jorge Warcrimes

@Kukkī I lost Samara and Tali on my last play through in combat. I upgraded Normandy like a mad lad.

EyeAr WeeTawTed

BaguetteOfDoom same here, I lost people to my own stupidity (Grunt) and a bug (Mordin)

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