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Dragon Age Inquisition Theme
by Trevor Morris

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The Dawn Will Come Shadows fall And hope has fled. Steel your heart The dawn wi…

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Comments from YouTube:

Iboon Iboon

I miss Dragon Age


Ive recently played all of the dragon age games for the first time and its one of my favourite games of all time, ive put so many hours into inquisition and i cant wait for dragon age 4 which should be coming out in 2021 i think

Dylan Bell

Miu Kagamine story wise, yes. But dear god BioWare bring back the more linear levels. Inquisitions levels were dull and filled with pointless fetch quests.


@Rezeren I thought the game was cancelled because of the Anthem 's rough development, and they needed more people there, than in Dragon Age development. No?

Miu Kagamine

@Rezeren Honestly, I can wait as long as necessary if the game will be good as inquisition

Althaf Budianto

@Archangel Gabriel "... companies trying to rob someone of every cent they have"

You've just described EA

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Phil Battiste

The night is long,
And the path is dark.
Look to the sky,
For one day soon,
The dawn will come.

5th Shepherd's Company

@Arthur Reis what verse was that, breh??

Arthur Reis

It's a lonely world
The journey is long.
Evil does not rest.
Stay safe.
The dawn will come.

5th Shepherd's Company

The Shepard's lost
And his home is far
Keep to the stars
The dawn will come

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