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Assassin's Creed III Main Theme
Lorne Balfe Lyrics

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I love biscuits!

I like it more than AC 2 and AC Brotherhood.
AC added lots of new features to stealth and I like the forestry and hunting feature it introduced alongside the more detailed lockpicking and pickpocketing systems and tree climbing.

And after replaying AC 1 up to AC 3 recently, I still hated AC brotherhood the most..It was so buggy and its villain "Cesare" was the worst villain character, imo. Even Rodrigo was alot better villain.
Cesare was like a raging arrogant child with lots of undeserved power, 0 tactics, 0 brains, 0 respect, 0 experience.
Not to mention ACB felt very rushed towards the end and the last few sequence since you start using the apple.

To top it off, I got that amazing romulus armor disappearing common glitch which was quite the turn off.

I can understand why some people love AC 2..AC 2 was not my cup of tea but it did have its perks.
However, for AC Brotherhood, I never understood why its so very overrated like this. It felt greatly inferior to 3. The only thing I found better was that ACB introduced the assassin recruitment system but even that Revelations did alot better after.

My favorite ones are AC 1 and AC Revelations. Best villain was Al-Mualim, imo. No other villain seemed to be as detailed, philosophical, smart and deep as Al-Mualim was. As a player, you might disagree with him but you still manage to see where he's coming from. A smart character design indeed he was and if I dare say: the smartest in the series.

I wish AC remained true to how it was in AC 1 where it focused more on history details. AC 2 and ACB shifted from history, meaningful dialogue and overall moral/concept focus to character "Ezio" focus..A shift I honestly highly disliked and found it betrayed the theme the game started with originally.

It started to shift back to how it was in AC abit in Revelations but still I find the real AC was AC 1 and what came after played differently as if it was something else just with similar aesthetic.

AC3 felt like it was a mix of both focuses but the most notable thing about it was the difficulty spike in its combat compared to what came before and the new features and details it added to some gameplay aspects like stealth.

Still AC 1 and AC Revelations are top for me. AC 3 is fine, I like it more than 2

anonymously anonymous

This song screams alive the boiling blood of a patriot. The hunger for liberty which our founders and people just like connor helped fight for.

A liberty where one man can make his own way without the tyranny of an earthly king telling him when where and how he should live. That he might live a peaceful and quiet life without the oppression of a fallible human ruler. Free to worship his God any way he so choose. Liberty which gave him right to worship or to not worship of his own agency. A liberty that allowed him to protect that faith, his home and his family and his property with a gun. Liberty to do what is right. To enact justice where wrong was committed.

This song sings of liberty and the cost it took from all involved with particular attention on connor, whom like many, were thrust in the middle. Like many on history, Connor also chose the cause of liberty. Though it is said it didn't favor his people he did see the benefit in fighting the loyalists for their rule would have been far less kind to his people than the revolutionaries.

Liberty my friend. This sings liberty.

A liberty second to that found in the salvation Jesus Christ gives.

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Nishant Thapa

People, you shunned this game way too much. No-one's been through hell as much as Connor and yet all of u wrote him off cause none of u had taken off your ezio goggles. Ubisoft didn't mess up, we messed up.

Agastya Ghosh 8L

@I love biscuits! ezio had to be stretched because of some fucking stans

I love biscuits!

I didn't like Ezio at all till Revelations.
Revelations Ezio was nice.
My most favorite is Altair. I wish they gave him more good games but oh well.
Haytham and Connor were nice, too. Their story and relation was much more interesting for me than the revenge tantrum trauma Ezio was having until Revelations.

Best of all, AC 3 started to introduce somewhat a grey area like templars didn't feel entirely evil and assassins didn't feel entirely good in AC 3. It was more like some and some.

Something I found highly lacking in AC 2 and brotherhood.

Windows Plays

except for the desmond miles death thats really sad for me or many others as well


I love Connor so much he’s always been one of my favorites.

Agastya Ghosh 8L

Eliot is good but this game is underrated

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Mian Mukarram Aslam


Altaìr: Knowledge
Ezio :Brotherhood
Connor:Strength of 10 Assassins.


Alexios: Demigod basically


@Goro Akechi next generation Arno

faisal sultan

@Goro Akechi Absolutely love how you didn't include K-ASS-andra. Because fuck Odyssey.

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