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Assassin's Creed III Main Theme
Lorne Balfe Lyrics

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I love biscuits!

@DynamicDuo I know my opinion might cause an outrage of Ezio fans against me.
TBH, I didn't like Ezio in Brotherhood at all and he was somewhat acceptable in AC 2 since he was still younger which would excuse his attitude.

Only Ezio I really liked was Revelations one.

I liked Altair alot more.

And I have good reasons for that. Ezio pre Revelations always had that "I'm always right" attitude and he was so focused on revenge and just happened across all the assassin vs templar and Isu civ stuff along the way to achieve his revenge.

Its only in Revelations, that we can see clearly he doesn't want much violence and wants to work on a higher purpose (like peace) instead of revenge just like Altair who did what he did mostly for the sake of his brotherhood and thinking he's achieving a greater purpose and peace through that not for personal revenge.

He always took a moment to think about what his Templar enemies said as they were dying rather than going the Ezio's "No, you are wrong!" type of response. He always asked Al-Mualim about what they meant by their words. Hence, he was a closer character to a realistic assassin: perceptive, inquisitive with an overall hitmany attitude.
He started out arrogant but slowly matured into a better person as you progress in AC 1

Took Ezio 2 games so he could mature in the 3rd so no, they didn't kill Ezio early. its more like they killed Altair early, imo.

Not to mention, that Altair parts specially AC 1 had more of a historic and ideological notion to it. Eventhough its graphics were much lower and its combat system was less sophisticated, the level of detail was much better than most of what followed, imo specially in regards to history. The Masyaf castle alone was pretty well done. Also the washed up style it had smartly fit such historic notion.

The first 2 Ezio games felt more like movie than history. It felt way too focused on the main character Ezio than on the "general idea", philosophy and the bigger picture. I could go on and on about what AC 1 did better than what followed but this will take another essay.

So I think after AC 1, the AC series started to feel like another sort of game just like how AC 3 felt very different from the Ezio trilogy eventhough I found the AC 3 change actually nice because, it added lots of better stealth mechanics and the templars didn't feel entirely evil.

But the difference between AC 1 and the Ezio trilogy is one I personally didn't like much because of that shift from history, philosophy and idea focus to main character and cinematic plot focus. Not to mention, their villains didn't have the level of detail nor awesomeness of AC 1 villains except for perhaps Rodrigo Borgia and some villains in Revelations like Ahmet.

No not Cesare, I'll dare say Cesare is the worst villain I've ever witnessed in an AC game. He was pretty much like a spoiled child given much power and being way too arrogant disregarding any advice, etc. Rodrigo was alot smarter and better, imo even if more cowardly.
Also unlike what seems common, Brotherhood was the game I enjoyed the least out of the trilogy and felt extremely disappointed after playing due to both bugs and disappointing and rushed story specially by the end and bad villain design.

I also liked Altair robes in AC 1 alot more than Ezio's unrealistic looking outfit in AC 2 and Brotherhood. Liked Revelation Ezio's outfit however.

Revelation's Ezio was awesome, though. He is second best for me after Altair. Then comes Haitham (eventhough he's a templar)

Sorry for essay..Any Ezio fan can feel free to hate on me. I'm just voicing my opinion. :)


This song screams alive the boiling blood of a patriot. The hunger for liberty which our founders and people just like connor helped fight for.

A liberty where one man can make his own way without the tyranny of an earthly king telling him when where and how he should live. That he might live a peaceful and quiet life without the oppression of a fallible human ruler. Free to worship his God any way he so choose. Liberty which gave him right to worship or to not worship of his own agency. A liberty that allowed him to protect that faith, his home and his family and his property with a gun. Liberty to do what is right. To enact justice where wrong was committed.

This song sings of liberty and the cost it took from all involved with particular attention on connor, whom like many, were thrust in the middle. Like many on history, Connor also chose the cause of liberty. Though it is said it didn't favor his people he did see the benefit in fighting the loyalists for their rule would have been far less kind to his people than the revolutionaries.

Liberty my friend. This sings liberty.

A liberty second to that found in the salvation Jesus Christ gives.

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I remember how shook I was when we all found out Haytham was a templar

3ĆHO _889

Mmmm, nah I wasn’t shook at all tbh

Rafif Novenda

@Methamphetameme McMeth poor connor, his father left him with his mother, his mother died cause of templar, achilles manipulate him to kill his own old man. Kenway Family full with tragedy

Methamphetameme McMeth

@Cainy06SN1P3 Under this lie Birch took Haytham as a kid and trained him as a Templar carrying out Templar missions while falsely tailing after his father's killers. Though they were killed one quest remained unsolved, Haytham's sister whom Birch pretended to love and Edward wished to marry them. Haytham upon his own found her in Turkey and learning she was made a concubine, rescued and learned from her that Birch was the mastermind, a spy planted in their house years ago. That's when Haytham set to kill Birch. And so he did.
But being the son of an Assassin and a Templar by business he wanted to unite both sides. But this tragic life of his had worn him down by the end and Connor, his son, as he was similarly enthusiastic about the same goals, set on a similar path. That's where I guess Achilles acted a little selfish and manipulated Connor into killing his father.

Methamphetameme McMeth

@Cainy06SN1P3 Well, you might as well want to find out that the two people who killed Edward were in fact allies or accomplices of the Templars. Birch knew that. He told Haytham, as a child, that he had warned his father of them. But it turned out Birch was himself involved, very minutely of course, but he sat on the information until very late in life. Haytham killed him anyway. But he was so into the Tempar business, even if he wanted to, he couldn't leave and go back to the Assassin way. The thing is he was trained by an Assassin, his father, and he loved his father the most in the world and imagined himself becoming like him one day, yet he was also trained by Reginald Birch, his father's best friend at the time, who turned out to be a Templar, which Edward did not know until later they had a fight about it and Haytham overheard them. It was at this point that Birch saw Haytham in the corridor and told him that he was only warning his father.
But it was actually Birch pressing Edward to give the Apple(?) or something to the Templar men coming for it but he refused and Birch said that he'd regret it.


@Ryan McKenna nOoOo WaY Did u figure this out by yourself? xD

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Azain Khan

People say this game has the worst story. They dont know what a good story means


This game is a masterpiece

Delven Lie

True nobody know that is a good or bad story only reviewer know

kiryu Kazuma

@Arteos and now the worst story is valhalla

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