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Ezio's Family
Jesper Kyd Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Jesper Kyd:

Ave Maria Ave Maria! Jungfrau mild, Erhöre einer Jungfrau Flehen, …
Hitman 2 Main Title Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine. Et lux perpetua luceat ei…
Hunter Sum tempestas fusca Qua perducit terra Sum tempestas fusca Q…
March of the Empire Свет ранним утром Свет, земля и тень От страха дрожат Чёрт г…
Welcome to Kostantiniyye When i was a young man i had liberty but…

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Comments from YouTube:


Ezio is so legendary that his family's theme became the theme of the ENTIRE franchise.

Luca Pasa

Funnily enough, it was only used in games where the protagonist wasn’t a member of Ezio’s family.

Siddharth Eswar

100% I agree with You Brother 🔥🥺❤️

Siddharth Eswar

@Luca Pasa Bruh...😐😑

I changed my username because it offended people

@Luca Pasa that’s not true. Most of the other games had their own unique theme. I think only odyssey and rogue had their own version of ezio’s theme

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Austrian Painter

Altaïr: the best assassin, saved the brotherhood
Ezio: best protagonist, greatest storyline

Paul Sacks

Conor:The most brutal assassin,Brought back the colonial brotherhood from extinction after the events of AC rogue

Edward Kenway:most charismatic character after ezio, arguably the most ambitious

Shay Cormac:Sought to right the wrongs of the brotherhood, Arguably the most morally sound next to Altair and connor

Arno Dorian:The Best parkour and freeclimber and is the most agile of all AC protagonists

Mateusz Tumiel

@Paul Sacks Bayek: the first assassin

Martin Kratochvil

​@Mateusz Tumielnah bayek wasnt the first aya was and with origins the franchise ends

Tobiasz Kukotko

@Mateusz Tumiel bayek it's like connor the greatest warrior.

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