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Fallout 4 Main Theme
Inon Zur Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Inon Zur:

Destiny of Love Mana fyana sulin da'el aeon lahkin Elan dililenan heratu eth…
I Am The One Heruamin lotirien Alai uethri maeria Halurocon yalei nam b…
I Am The One (High Fantasy Version) Heruamin lotirien Alai uethri maeria Halurocon yalei nam bah…
I Am The One - High Fantasy Version Heruamin lotirien Alai uethri maeria Halurocon yalei nam bah…
Leliana's Song Hahren na melana sahlin Emma ir abelas Souver'inan isala ham…
Mage Pride Tui e mea, e tua, madore. Omne a rei via ti…

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lorenzo stortoni

0:01 Fallout 4...
0:19 A New Character...
0:24 A New Place...
0:28 A New Adventure...
0:38 Old Friends...
0:43 New Friends...
0:50 New Enemies...
1:33 The Brotherhood of Steel...
1:39 The Institute...
1:43 The Railroad...
1:52 The Minutemen's...
2:10 You May Change The World...
2:14 But...
2:17 War...
2:21 War Never Changes...

Pearange Productions

You've braved the perils of the wasteland many times.

You ventured out of the vault to get a water purification chip in Fallout 1 as the Vault Dweller.

Then you, as the Chosen One, ventured out again to help the town of Arroyo via the Garden Of Eden Creation Kit in Fallout 2.

Afterwards, as the Lone Wanderer, your father went missing, and you set out to find him in Fallout 3.

Then, a delivery from the Mojave Express went wrong, and after getting shot in the head and the Platinum Chip taken away, you, as the Courier, took a gamble at getting the Platinum Chip back, as well as getting revenge on the one who shot you. Your gamble in Fallout: New Vegas certainly paid off.

But the journey isn't ending there.
The Commonwealth is waiting for a savior.
Your son has been kidnapped, and your wife killed.
What happens next... up to you.

Fallout 4

Garrett Sattem

Welp, might as well...

War. War never changes.
The end of the world occurred pretty much as we had predicted. Too many humans, not enough space or resources to go around. The details are trivial and pointless, the reasons, as always, purely human ones.

The earth was nearly wiped clean of life. A great cleansing, an atomic spark struck by human hands, quickly raged out of control. Spears of nuclear fire rained from the skies. Continents were swallowed in flames and fell beneath the boiling oceans. Humanity was almost extinguished, their spirits becoming part of the background radiation that blanketed the earth.

A quiet darkness fell across the planet, lasting many years. Few survived the devastation. Some had been fortunate enough to reach safety, taking shelter in great underground vaults. When the great darkness passed, these vaults opened, and their inhabitants emerged to begin their lives again.

One of the northern tribes claims they are descended from one such Vault. They hold that their founder and ancestor, one known as the "Vault Dweller," once saved the world from a great evil. According to their legend, this evil arose in the far south. It corrupted all it touched, twisting men inside, turning them into beasts. Only through the bravery of this Vault Dweller was the evil destroyed. But in so doing, he lost many of his friends and suffered greatly, sacrificing much of himself to save the world.

When at last he returned to the home he had fought so hard to protect, he was cast out. Exiled. In confronting that which they feared, he had become something else in their eyes...and no longer their champion.

Forsaken by his people, he strode into the wasteland. He traveled far to the north, until he came to the great canyons. There, he founded a small village, Arroyo, where he lived out the rest of his years. And so, for a generation since its founding, Arroyo has lived in peace, its canyons sheltering it from the outside world. It is home. Your home.

But the scars left by the war have not yet healed. And the Earth has not forgotten.


(Scene: Your elderly future self, lying on your deathbed and surrounded by tearful family members)

"(pained wheeze) It's been a long, hard life, but at least I can die peacefully."

(A black man in a cowboy hat appears amidst the row of relatives, his sharply rendered face unfeeling and half in shadow)

"Another settlement needs your help."


(With a cough, blood sprays from your mouth as the harrowing memory of the endless side-quests shatters the tranquility of your mind.
In the furor of your panicked family and the accelerating beeps of your heartbeat monitor you take your agonized last breath, choking on your own blood, damning that accursed Minuteman as the fading sight of his cold, staring eyes is forever ingrained into your dying consciousness, to haunt you for the last eternal millisecond of your life.
For not even death will save you from him)

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Bendik Haug Jacobsson

We just hit 4 million views at the same time Bethesda released the Fallout 76 main theme. Truly amazing!

Jayson Valdez

This should be the most greatest music game awards of all time.

First Person Snooter

Is it?


It just works


Inon Zur put your vid in his official FO4 soundtrack playlist

Sr. Escanor

*5.6 million

45 More Replies...


When we open the Vault 111 with the Giant drill for the first time and suddenly this starts to playing omg epic as hell.




@PartyParrot fuck u


@Chewie I thought I read it wrong when I looked for myself and yep 90k subs and 2 vids

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