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Leliana's Song
Inon Zur Lyrics

Hahren na melana sahlin
Emma ir abelas
Souver'inan isala hamin
Vhenan him dor'felas
In uthenera na revas

Vir sulan'nehn
Vir dithera
Vir samath la numin
Vir lath sa'vunin
Vir sulan'nehn
Vir dithera
Vir samath la numin
Vir lath sa'vunin

Writer(s): INON ZUR

Contributed by Sadie K. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Levi Hackerman

@JMSLionheart It doesn't. Not like DA2. I liked Inquisition a lot. Although it can't surpass Origins thats for sure.

I wanted to see Flemeth and Morrighan more to be honest. They didn't even allow us to play Morrighan and Leliana.

Jaden Delgobbo

Dragon Age 4: Rebellion:

Solas leads the elves into a war for control of Thedas, in order to reconstruct the Elven Empire. This leads to a war between the Elves, Inquistion, and the rest of the Human lands. Many die, as the elves stop at nothing to finally know their past, and cement their future. Solas knows that the only way to restructure the veil is to release the rest of the Elven gods, and somehow kill them. The old gods, or Archdemons, are the keys to the final eluvien that hides away the Elven gods. Their are seven keys, seven Archdemons. Solas overall plan was that the Archdemons would destroy the world by the time he awoke, cleansing it in order to allow for a Elven restoration. He was wrong, as humanity survived. In order to start a war that he and his people will win, he will do the following:

The 6th blight will be unleashed, as Solas knows one way or the other Humanity will take massive losses. If Humanity destroys the blight, he unlocks one of the keys, and can proceed with his plan while severely weakening humanity. If they fail to do it themselves, he will have certain implements in place to ensure its destruction regardless. Once this had been completed, he and his army will strike humanity at its weakest, and win.

Tevinter begins to Collaspe. Civil war has brewed between the Loyalists, fighting for change, growth, and freedom, and the corruption that is magic. While having to deal with a war with the Qun, Tevinter will destabilize, making them a limited threat and easier to control. He can use the slaves to his advantage, arranging for a slave rebellion, destroying the foundations of Tevinter. He can do this while keeping his presence unknown, as all of Thedas hates Tevinter, and will refuse to send aid; while indirectly conquering a large area of Thedas. He can then move his army and easily take complete control. From here, he can launch assaults against the Qunair, one of their biggest enemies, and destroy them. He will do this to ensure no other threats can be launched against the Elven people, and proceed with his conquering of Thedas.

The Darkspawn Civil War: the two fractions of Darkspawn, the blighted ones and enlightened ones, will fight for control of the deep roads. The Architect will arise, showing Thedas a different side of Darkspawn, and earning the Dwarves respect, by fighting with and for them. This will allow the Dwarves to finally take back ground, and once again become a major political force in Thedas. The Dwarves, however, will find that their history has a very different origin, and will start down a path of society chaos. The true threat to Thedas, the Titains, will arise to destroy the very foundations of the plant. When the Dwarves of Orzammar finally reach Kal Sharok, the only other Dwarven Thaig to survive the Darkspawn incursion, they will find that Kal Sharok has been keeping a very different history, a very bloody, dark, and corrupt memory. This will lead to a full underground war between two fractions of Dwarves, and two fractions of Darkspawn. The Dwarves will be split in two: the Titan led ones, and the independent Dwarves.

With a war on the surface and underground, the very fabric of the world will crumble. With not only a blight in the air, Orlais and Ferelden declare war upon each other, further destabilizing the plant. The other Magistars that entered the Black City will arise, and become leaders of the Darkspawn. The two fractions of the college of Magi will fight for power. The Chantry, however, will remain stable, as the new Divine will ensure it is used as a symbol for hope and strength. This will change, however, when the truth about the Maker is released: the Titans. The humans have been truly worshiping the Dwarven creators, the elusive Titans. The Golden City is really the remnants of old Arlathan. The war between humans and Elves that lead to Arlathans destruction: lies. The Elves were really fighting the Titans, who created the species of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, Qunair, Darkspawn, and spirits/demons. The Elves fought the Titans because they wanted to be the dominant species, to live as gods of the surface and fade with the Spirits while the Titians and Dwarves remained underground. The war truly began when the Titans created Humans, who in the Elves view were savages. The Titians, seeing that certain Elves, like the Elven Gods, had over abused their power, deemed the Elven Empire corrupt, and destroyed them. Solas also realized this, and began to work against the Elven Gods with Mythal to ensure the Elven Empires continuation. The only way to save his people from extinction was to destroy their very civilization.

With all these elements at play, all nations, cultures, religions, and species at war in some way, the world will truly face its worst moments in history. The Inquistion is the only force that can prevent this from becoming a reality. Which fraction they will support, however, is unknown. The fate of Thedas lies in the hands of four people. The Champion of Redcliff, Warden-Commander of Ferelden, Arl/Arlessa of Amarathiane, Paragon (Conditional), Teynor of Gwarn (Conditonal), Arl/Arlessa of Highever (Conditonal), Savior of Denerium, Hero of Ferelden. The Champion of Kirkwall, Viscount of Kirkwall (conditional). The Herald of Andraste, Hero of Orlais, Champion of Thedas, The Inquisitor.

Most of the statements made are backed by facts. The fractions/wars/DA4 lore is all my speculation based off of hints and ending of the games/DLCs. All other information is fact checked and accurate based off of the Dragon Age wiki and statements from game producers. Not all elements are included. Full background on all information provided is also not provided. Some information above is slightly stretched in order to follow my speculation, but not in a way to contradict the informations Intergridy nor change the information basis for game advancement. Thank you !

Jestersmile's Stream

How to pitch Dragon Age Origins to someone.

Step one: Open Youtube

Step two: Type in Lelianna's Song

Step Three: Copy and paste link.

Step Four: Give them the link

Step Five: Profit.

P.S also hand them a box of tissue... because this song would even make grown men Cry. I know I did :(

All comments from YouTube:


Saddest part of Inquisition is how Leliana stopped singing and telling the stories she so loved.

Jakard Valentine

SADDEST part of Inqusition is the game itself is casual and bad in almost everyaspect but especially in the spammy combat without tactic and the low usage of spells and abilities most being boring or bad especially in ff nightmare on . If they dont go back in DAO mechanics da 4 will be another dragon age with bad reviews no doubt and bioware will never redeem itself .


She was forced to confront reality...a bad reality but it made her stronger....I know in the game Cole comments "The left hand misses a friend with two diffrent names, she hurting, alone". I really think she misses the warden...the only person she has trusted since.


@Gregory Michaels You don’t have to gather ore or herbs if you don’t want to. But it is usually the way to get the best gear, which is stuff you craft yourself using foraged materials. I applaud the devs for making player-crafted gear not only viable, but actually preferable to a lot of the drops from all but the most powerful bosses. And truth be told, player made tier 4 stuff with tier 4 materials is often BIS even compared to dragon loot. In fact, the best dragon drops are often the godlike tier 4 crafting mats and not the odd purple dagger or whatever. But if you don’t like gathering crafting mats, by all means use mob-dropped gear and forego the tedious gathering. If you play on easy or normal, the game is completely beatable with even mundane vanilla dropped gear.

Ditto the combat system and the complaints it gets so often. The devs deserve credit for trashing the standard fantasy RPG trope of “the tank takes horrific mortal damage until he’s a sliver from death, but then drinks some red juice that magically heals him back to full. Repeat 600 times.” Instead you have the guard/barrier/armor system which is designed to keep your party from taking actual health damage as much as possible, because magic red juice is very limited and is shared amongst everyone, and no magical healing via spells exists. Much more “realistic”.

DAI deserves way more credit than it gets. I love Origins, too. It’s easily the best game in the series, and a top 5 RPG of all time. But Inquisition doesn’t deserve the crap it gets simply because it wasn’t a clone with Frostbite engine graphics, which is what a lot of people apparently wanted.

Viktor Stagnetti

@Rick O'Shay DAI won several awards including GOTY. The fact that you even put it in the same sentence as the abomination that is Andromeda, shows you lack any credibility to discuss games. Inquistion wasn't as great as Origins, sure. But it had leagues more effort put into it than DA2 and it's reused maps.

* tomorrow *

Everyone's complaining about how she changed, but it's been ten years. Morrigan changed, even Alistair changed a bit. They're a lot older and wiser and more cynical. It makes me sad that she changed and I miss her in origins, but it's not rocket science

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DA:O deserves a goddamned remaster

Грэг Скеллиге

Зачем , она и так идеальна по всем Параметрам !

Izzy Furiouswow

@Zero Genesis We don't need a remaster. Just let the mod Community make significant upgrades to textures and similar and BOOM! it will look up to modern standards.

Zero Genesis

A remake tbh

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