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First Class
by Henry Jackman

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Best score for an X-Men movie till now!

Sherry Glisson

Tremendously uplifting song....if we have mutants out there (and I'm not gonna say we dont) with this kinda music I can almost see them coming together to make themselves known to human....ti stand up and say MUTANT AND PROUD

Sariah Michael

James McAvoy for the win!

Rohith Narra

I was upset after a girl turned me down and this track really lifted my mood and sense of self worth. Thank you Henry jackman!

AGM 95

Great melody
I always love to hear Something that you can repeat after and stuck in your head
I think film music have no much melodies

prokopis boliotis

If any one ask me what is the most epic movie soundtrack I always say xmen first class theme

Ellie Naomi


infinity374 1

This guy needs to score justice society of america or green lantern movie or Shazam sequel

Nathan DeField

I own this song and I love every second of it. Henry Jackman is an amazing musician.

Nathan DeField

@***** Ah, I can see that. No problemo! :)

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