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Daria Jane

I am so Glad that I get to grow up with an american tail and James horner's music rather than frozen. ..


There couldn't be another statement that's been uttered from someone that's resonated more with me than your statement right there Daria x____x

Sarah Powell

Even Disney films had better music back then. RIP Mr. Horner and Howard Ashman, too. Thanks for some amazing tunes.

Ace Vaptsarov

Calm down, buddy


@Carmen Herrera It's simple really. There are a lot of people who don't have that special something that recognises beauty and perfection in someone else's creation, and I think it galls them to know it, so they criticise it.
I can listen to a magical piece of music like American Tail, or Smetana's Vltava - My country, and go cold with tingles down my spine, yet the bloke sitting next to me feels nothing. You have to feel sorry for people like that because they will never know the beauty of the colour and depth embroidered within the music. I can't imagine my life without it. It would be like an empty house with no children there. I couldn't live like that.


@Daniel Sauers
No! I didn't know he'd gone! Oh, Christ! Now we have to put up with mediocre noise passing for music. I can't believe that we won't get any more from Maestro Horner. I've loved his music for many, many years.
He rips your heart out, kisses it and puts it back again.

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Jonathan Kupper

I've heard so much back and forth debate re: James Horner from other
composers over the years, but you really have to be totally and willfully
ignorant to deny this man's talent. He was nothing less than formidable.

James Barlow

1:44 Adult Fievel:(narrating) In a time many years before your own present time, I spent the first years of my life in Russia in the year 1885. During that time, technology had not yet been invented. No computers, no television sets. During that time, we only relied on radios and gramophone players. You've never heard a story told from the perspective of a small mouse. Not until now. Before living in America, we lived in Shostka, a small village in Russia. Like most of the other mice in our village, we were poor. But love and warmth filled our family, and we were content with the simple life. We were together, and that was always important. Lucky for us, my mother and father often made our holidays, even Hanukkah, special to the both of us. And our story begins on the night that changed our lives forever.................

slade Lutz

Did you made this yourself or did you rip it from a book?

Discus Obscurum

I love the narrative, but in 1885 neither the radio nor gramophone had been invented. Guglielmo Marconi invented radio in 1895 and Emile Berliner invented the gramophone in 1897. And fun fact, Edison invented the phonograph (featured in the film) in 1877.

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