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James Horner Lyrics

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Ryan Smith

RIP James Horner. Your music will endure.

Paulo Viana


Andrés Rodrigo Escobar Arias

He died while flying one of his private cub planes, on June 22nd of 2015, in Santa Barbara.

Ryan Smith

Yeah, really very tragic - he was only 61.


Ryan Smith he died???

Billy Ray

+Ryan Smith "I'll never let go!" - Kate Winslet (Rose Dawson, TITANIC)

Jake Rutigliano

"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

The quote represents this theme.

Its Fred I guess

@Mr White if we're talking moon landing then yes apollo 11 was the first. but apollo 8 was the first to actually orbit the moon

Colin Montgomery

Or, vice versa. The theme is representative of the quote.

Colin Montgomery

@Roblox cured my depression , quite correct. And we are coming up on the fiftieth anniversary of the mission.

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