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The Tudors Main Title Theme
Trevor Morris Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


This theme brought forth all the majestic of a kingdom and the royal throne. Really good!

Tia Millar

Iconic music. Powerful and majestic.

Saeed AlShamsi

This Music Makes Me Imagine like I’m In Year 1184
Feels Like That I’m Arabian Noble Knight entering The Palace of The Queen Sibylla in Jerusalem as Messenger from Sultan Salahudin AlAyubi

Reprehensible Meshuggah

The Dorian mode

Akshit Bedi

tudors probably the best

Verónica León

Que hermoso ya voy en la cuarta temporada

Lily u3u

@lautaro malaga pelisplus

trap life


lautaro malaga

Me podrias decir por donde la miras?

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