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Welcome to Bright Falls
Petri Alanko Lyrics

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It's not a lake...

It's an ocean..


it's a horse

Lost Woods Dweller

Alan, wake up...

Megan Twiss

I loved this game so much. Great story, wonderful soundtrack and just a great game overall. 

Friendly Creature

@Myles Johnson
Damn right
Waiting for S2

Myles Johnson

Megan Twiss sake here pal, the game is a true masterpiece

Yacine Völgarr

That hurts me everytime i hear this music ,people didn't support this awesome game (my personnal favourite after the witcher 3)  so we didn't have a sequel ...

jeremiah herron

shhh its almost hear :)

Jay Bee25

Well there is Alan wake American nightmare which was kinda a sequel

Kelvy Oliveira

play Control, thank me later (alan wake is there, is not a easter egg, he will back in dlc)

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