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Midnight Blue
Lou Gramm Lyrics

I ain't got no regrets
I and I ain't losin' track of which way I'm going
I ain't gonna double back, no

Don't want no misplay
Put on no display, an angel, no
But I know my way, oh yeah, oh

I used follow
Yeah, that's true
But my following days are over
Now I just gotta follow through and

I remember what my father said
He said, "Son, life is simple"
It's either cherry red

Or midnight blue, oh
Midnight blue, oh
You were the restless one
And you did not care
That I was the trouble boy
Lookin' for a double dare

I won't apologize for
The things I've done and said
But when I win your heart
I'm gonna paint it cherry red

I don't want to talk about it
What you do to me
I can't live without it
And you might think that it's
Much too soon for us to go this far

Into the midnight blue, oh
It's midnight blue, oh

Now, things could be different
That'd be a shame, 'cause
I'm the one who could feel the sun
Right in the pouring rain

I won't say where and I don't know when but
Soon there gonna come a day, baby
I'll be back again
Yeah, I'll be back for you, oh
You see, I'm saving up my love

Midnight blue, oh
Into the midnight blue, oh
Under the midnight blue, oh
Beneath this midnight blue, oh (this midnight blue)
Into the midnight blue, oh
Midnight blue, oh
Midnight blue, oh
Beneath this midnight blue, oh
Into the midnight blue

Lyrics ยฉ Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Lou Gramm, Bruce Turgon

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Comments from YouTube:


In the early 1990s , I was in a musical instrument store. This song came on the radio. I sat down at a Pearl drum set and started playing along. A really attractive girl named Kiersten, who was walking in the mall, came into the store to watch me play as she sang along. Before she left, she laid her phone number in my lap. We dated for 3 years before she died from spinal meningitis. Every time I hear this song, I think of the very first moment I laid eyes on Kiersten. Her emerald green eyes juxtaposed to her chestnut brown hair had me at first sight! This song brings back sooooo much nostalgia. I literally smile while tears flow down my face. God, I miss her.


So sad, bruh. Good thing that now it brings a smile- it's bittersweet more so than grief now.


Sorry for your loss.

Dominique Garofalo

@C Mย  Kiersten sounds like one of a kind! It also reminds me a bit a "meet-cute" like in a movie ๐Ÿ˜Š I think you're really blessed to have had such a wonderful person in your life, even if you didn't get longer than 3 years.
Did you keep playing the drums? Did you and Kiersten sing other songs together?
I met my best friend (that I dated for years) at a concert. It was the first time either of us had seen this band. I was 15 and my friend was 19 and we both independently had stayed after the show to get autographs (we had also been exchanging glances throughout the show) I didn't have any paper so I borrowed some from him. It was green. We made plans to go to the next show and meet up and I promised to bring him some green paper to pay him back. It was of course just an excuse to see each other again. We stayed best friends for the rest of his life and dated for much of it but he had a brittle bone disease and died in 2020. We were both so into music and he was just one of the best people I've ever met. Losing him was on the level of losing my parents. I still have the music and the memories and I often think that the amount this hurts is equal to the love that we had and that if I experienced a love that profound then I am a very fortunate person indeed. Not everyone gets that in life.


@Dominique Garofalo it was a memory of my youth that I cherish. It was the first and only time a girl has ever given me her phone number. She was proof รngels walk among us.

Dominique Garofalo

What an evocative story! I feel like I can picture you both ๐Ÿ˜Š thank you so much for sharing your beautiful memory.

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brian sprinkle

Lou Gramm always had a fantastic voice! The true reason for Foreigner's success.

Wesley Brown

totally agree

Pascal Jeanne

sure man !

Dale Etheridge

so sad

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